Why Every Couple Should Do a First Look

For those of you who don’t know I LOVE it when couples do first looks at weddings. I love them so much that if any couple ever tells me they DON’T plan on doing FL, I have a pamphlet ready right away to try and sway them towards doing one.

But what is a first look? A first look is when the bride and groom decide to see each other BEFORE the ceremony. I know what you are thinking. “But it’s SO untraditional!” Yes, you are right and I must admit it. However, below I have included a list of reasons why you should do it anyway. I trust that upon reading my very practical reasons it will at least make you CONSIDER the idea. If you still say no though, though, I understand. Just some things to think on. [But I’ve yet to have a couple NOT do a first look after thinking through this] So here goes!!!

1. Helps to relieve some of the wedding day nerves. Following tradition, from the time you wake up until you walk down the aisle… you don’t see each other, and you will feel as if you are going to explode!!! This is quite literally one of the MOST IMPORTANT decisions of your life, and yet you aren’t allowed to stare one last time into your soon-to-be’s eyes one last time to make sure that they are still good with this whole thing.  The first looks helps to relieve those nerves. Before you go stand before one hundred friends, you can take some time to just talk! Laugh at how you both feel. Hug. Pray one last time. Just be together alone before the super craziness of the day continues.

2. Allows more time for GREAT portraits. The more time you give your photographer to create images, the more great images they can produce! You can certainly do images after the wedding, but if there’s time before, why not use it?!?!

3. Yes, it IS untraditional but traditions are changing with lots of things and this change is GOOD. In fact, it’s becoming to where NOT doing a first look is untraditional.

4. Many couples don’t want the moment when the groom first sees the bride to be ruined because he’s already seen her. However, I’ve never had a couple tell me their altar moment was ANY less special because of their first look. The moment when the groom sees the bride is priceless no matter if they’ve seen each other or not. It is always magical and the emotion is there either way.  [If he’s going to cry, he’ll do it whether he’s already seen you or not.  I know at my wedding I certainly will.]

5. Even though it is YOUR wedding, the more your photographer can accomplish before the ceremony, the more fun your guests will all have! And who doesn’t love having fun with their best friends?! If you defer taking bridal party images until after the wedding, this can take up to an hour and a half where you guests have nothing to do but wait. A first look allows you to knock out a good chunk of the couple images and pretty much all of the wedding party images.  That way you can spend less time hanging out with the photographer, and use that time to instead party with your guests!!!

6. Selfishly, it just helps the photographers and as it turns, it really helps you! This is your ONE wedding day! You want this recorded in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE! As I stated before, the more time there is for images of you and new spouse, the better they will come out in the end.  If great images are what you are after, then give the process time to do its magic!

No matter what though, if you still would rather go the traditional route, your photographer will work with that! It’s just something to really think about!  If you hold true to your vows, you won’t have all that many weddings.  In such a case, photographers REALLY just want you to LOVE your wedding images and cherish them forever!  Here is just one simple way you can consider assisting them in all this.


Bottom Line

First Look = Success


To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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