What If You Could Only Save Five Things?

Call me strange, but I have plans made for just about any situation imaginable. I have daydreamed about what I would do if I was in Walmart and someone next to me caught on fire, and I’ve even got a tentative solution to forgetting to wear pants to work. It’s just who I am. But while on this conquest to plan out any situation the universe could throw at me, I came across an interesting dilemma: If I were to wake up tonight to a burning building around me, what would be the few things I would grab on my way out the door? A tough question for sure! The response to this question normally ends as a discussion of the futility of holding onto material things… but I believe that some material things are worth saving. Or rather, the memories and emotions attached to those posessions are worth a little effort to preserve. For now though let’s assume that me taking the time to stop and grab a few things would not kill me (ten second forcefield). Here are the five things I’ve decided I would bring:

1. My Mattress

Yes… I realize that after validating this post as a whole by saying that emotions can be attached to material things, starting off with a mattress may seem like a pretty lame thing to save. Think about it, though. My house is burning to the ground, and I live in the middle of no where in a WOODEN cabin. The flames would engulf my abode long before the fire department could get here. Also, this situation interrupted a very pleasant dream about an eggnog parlor opening up in town. So, once the situation ends I would VERY much want to go back to bed. How am I going to do that if I left my very comfortable mattress behind in the burning building? Exactly! But alas, I realize that this would be futile… It’s a thick mattress, and I don’t think I could justify dying to drag it out. I really love that mattress, though. This will require further thought.

2. Hard Drives

My entire business is on those things! And even more importantly, thousands of my great friends’ memories are stored on there. I would feel SO guilty if they all got destroyed. Now that I think about it though… now that I’ve had this realization I’m going to look today into backing everything up online, too… See?! Planning for the worst is a great thing!

3. Pencil Art Portfolio

Now, I know this seems silly. My pencil portfolio is literally full of drawings that I will never give to anyone! They’re just pictures I drew years ago. But to truly understand why I would risk my life for these drawings, you would really need to understand my introvert back story that led me to where I am. When I was younger, it was drawing that got me through high school. It was drawing that gave me a safe-haven when my world seemed to dull. In fact, although I have a terrible memory, I can tell you what was going on around me if you show me any drawings I ever did. My drawings that represent a lifetimes worth of memories.

4. My Roommate Joe

I realize that it seems strange that Joe is all the way down here at #4, but I figure that if the building is burning and I’m screaming, he’s BOUND to wake up and get out himself. Still though, he’s on here just in case.

5. Dalta Frame

When I was in college, my cousin Dalta died in a car wreck while driving home from class. I’ve talked about her before [You can read more about her HERE], but ever since that week, I have always kept a framed remembrance of her on my work desk to remind me to never give up on life. It is without a doubt one of my most cherished possessions, and I would literally try to fight through fire to save it.

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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