My Most Embarrassing Business Mistake so Far

This past week I decided that it was about time I organized my blog a little more to make it easier for people to look at particular things they’d like to see. Not everyone cares to read about my initial encounter with college girls [but if you do, it’s one of my favorite posts: here] or about how I used to really struggle with depression [here]. Likewise, not everyone wants to read my educational DSLR content, as they really aren’t photographers and don’t plan to be. And some people want it all! SO, I am now going to be organizing all of it!


It’s going to take a couple weeks for me to get all of it like I want, but for now, know that it’s all coming! Pretty soon every piece of content I deliver will be categorized and placed in it’s prospective location to be easily found by YOU!


So not a long post today! But exciting news for me nonetheless! If you’d like to see the page, it currently doesn’t have a button… BUT you can go to it directly at “” and it will be completely operational within the next couple of days.

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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