Victoria + Austin | Harrodsburg, KY

“Can I dip you in your dress?”

It’s not a crazy question for Austin to ask Victoria. After all, they’d danced many times before. This… this was different though. This was their wedding day, and Victoria was beautifully displayed. Austin stood before his bride, and all he wanted was to be close to her. Yet, being the incredibly thoughtful groom, despite his yearning, he was wise enough to first check with her.

It’s not every day that you meet a couple like Austin and Victoria. Two people completely devoted to mutual respect and devotion. From the very beginning of their relationship, they were forced into a situation that no couple would envy. He in Spain, and her in Kentucky. Separated by an unvisitable distance. Yet even still, they refused to be denied the budding love they held for each other. To pass the time, they wrote letters upon letters to each other, making time to talk on the phone when they could.

To speak candidly, I am incredibly proud of what this couple has accomplished. They truly are an incredible team. And Austin, you may now dip Victoria as much as you want. ;D

WONDERFUL bridesmaids this time around. Thanks Ru, Sadie, and Hannah! You were all so helpful!

Rachel did an incredible job with the flowers! ZERO surprises there!!!

 Florist – Rachel’s Rose Garden

Catering – Owen’s Catering

Band – Gone Fiddlin’

Videographer – Brandon Hendrix

Cake Artist – Amy Kiffer

Hair Stylist – Ruth-Ellen Dandurand

Bridesmaid’s Dresses – Azazie

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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