The Wedding Dress Code

We’ve all seen it. You’re sitting at a wedding ceremony waiting for things to start. Everyone is chatting. You’re probably talking about how pretty the venue is, or maybe you’re getting hyped up because it’s almost time for eggnog season!!! Either way, at some point you look over to the side and notice two individuals standing on the edge of the audience holding what appears to be VERY nice cameras. Considering that they are the only people standing, you are led to assume they are PROBABLY the photographers, and in the literal blink of an eye, you form an opinion. What do you have to base this opinion on? Not much! At this point you haven’t talked with them, you probably don’t know their names, and at your distance you can’t even smell them! All you’ve got is the physical person before you. So, you base your entire opinion on that. Are they professional or do they seem… amateur? Do they seem like put together business owners or hobbyists? When you’re the photographer, the clothes you wear become the impression.

Keeping that in mind, I am a firm believer in the power of looking like a baller! Now, remember that we are thinking from the perspective of an audience member at a wedding (aka possible future clients). When a photographer rolls up in jeans, what would you first impression be? The word unprofessional is the first to enter my mind. Imagine the difference it would make if you showed up to a bank and all the employees were wearing sweaters, sneakers, and Taylor Swift t-shirts. If it were me walking in, at that point I’d consider taking my money elsewhere!

With all that said, how SHOULD we be dressing? I think we should take a cue from the bank tellers themselves. As much as we can while still being able to perform our duties as photographers, I think we should appear overwhelmingly professional! Men. Wear a tie and use a tie clip. Emphasis on the tie clip! Neglect to use one and halfway through the wedding you’ll look down to see your tie crumpled in all kinds of interesting ways! And if you’re feelin’ crazy, throw a pocket square into a matching jacket! Ladies, you probably already know how to look fly, or if not, I’m sure you have a girlfriend who can teach you how. But the biggest advice I can give to you is this: if you wear a skirt or dress, make sure it will not billow up if a strong breeze happens to blow through. There is nothing more hazardous to you getting the shots you need than a flowy skirt carried about by the wind.

Further, When we as professionals start dressing the way we want others to think about us, we will not only impress our current and possibly future clients, but we will also FEEL prepared for the job we are there to perform. I don’t know about you, but when I LOOK good, I find myself being far more confident when I talk to people.

Bottom line, the way we dress sets a representation of our brand, and when we dress to impress, we can sway first impressions into our favor. Our clients pay a lot of money to have us at their big day, and by dressing appropriately, we show them that we are serious about what we do.

Photos by Christal Marshall

Definitely buying some fake glasses as soon as I can!


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