The Jackson Christmas

To all those around the world who enjoyed a wonderful ChristMas Day, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I’m sitting in the den of my parents house with one of my brothers, both sisters, my parents, and my Grandmom watching Hallmark movies and simply relaxing!  I hope that you have a family that is as wonderful as mine.  What a blessing a wonderful, supportive family can be.    Family, eggnog, board games, and a whole lot of Christmas food.  Why did God choose to bless me with these four wonderful things?  Me…?  I’m not sure.  God ma choose to show mercy to whomever he decides and for some reason he has blessed me…


So tonight I’m just reminiscing about the very busy and family-filled Christmas I’ve had thus far.


First, the eggnog!  I will save you from the tirade I could go into about the JOY that can be found within every single crisp, perfectly sweet glass of eggnog.  100% Christmas Spirit in every glass.  And 0% alcohol.  Actually, make that -8,000% alcohol!!!   Wonderfully fantastic flavor.  *Sigh*  The ONLY thing that would have made this moment better would be snow…  OH how I love the snow!  Unfortunately, 75 degree weather in Alabama isn’t ideal for creating snow, but even without snow, there is no joy like a full glass of nog!  But, as with every good experience, most things must come to an end…  Please, a moment of silence in honor of… the empty glass…


But it was great while it lasted!  Next Thanksgiving it will all begin again!



Next, this Christmas we found a new game for the Jackson house!  CAVERNA!  Look it up!  It has potential to be the new Catan [If you don’t know, LOOK IT UP].  I won’t even begin to try and describe what the game is or how it works!  But suffice to know that before my brother recounted the points I totally won the first game by a solid twenty points!  It was ridiculous!  Until… well until my brother realized he’d given my sister’s points to me…  Ends up my sister won…  71 to 70…




Third, my sisters decided to have a mini shoot on the front porch and… how could I refrain?  I haven’t gotten to take and edit great pictures in weeks!  You may not have noticed… but I took intricate care photographing the eggnog and Caverna…  I have a NEED to edit something.

Auburn-Alabama-Christmas-Family-Together-68 Auburn-Alabama-Christmas-Family-Together-51



SO MUCH FUN!  My family forever more will never have to pay someone to take and edit family photos.  I can do all of it!  New realization of the year.  If nothing else, I can save my family a ton of money!  Use my business to help people.  CHECK!



Oh how I love Christmas! It’s my favorite holiday [and not just because of eggnog]. It’s obligatory time for family to come together.  And even though my oldest brother wasn’t able to be here, we Skyped him in… Took about thirty minutes to get it to work… but he was here. =] Even though he’s a Canon guy… it’s always good to hear from him.


But I’m going to go to bed now! I just hadn’t blogged in a few days and… well… I missed it. =] So I hope everyone is having a great night and continues enjoying family. After all, there are few things more important than family. I cannot imagine where I would be without the constant encouragement of my sister and mother. Once again, merry Christmas everyone!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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