The Entrance Page!

After sitting at my computer for at least four hours, I have finished my Entrance Page!  It’s been a journey, taking me many places with the helpful and sturdy guidance of my trusted friend, Nature Josh!  But it is done!  “Warm . Real . Alive.”  At least for now, that’s how I want people to feel when they see what I do.  I want to capture warm moments between people that are bubbling with real life! I want people to look back years from now and think about these moments in time that were… good.  Life is never going to be perfect.  But life can be good.  Life can be alive and warm and still be real.  Unlike so many things in this world that are unattainable nowadays, a real, warm, living marriage can be achieved with work and devoted unselfishness.  That’s how I want my marriage to be.  So that’s that.  I hope if nothing else, even if no one ever real grasps this vision and shares it with me, I hope that with every photo I take I can inspire someone.  That’s my only real wish.  To use this gift of photography, which God has SO graciously let me have, to shape the way people feel and think.

I won’t ramble on and on about this, even though I know I could.  I will suffice for now to just rest in knowing that the job is done.  People can now enter my site.  Of course, they can’t really go anywhere from there except… well nowhere actually… but all good things in good time.  For now, I’m happy with progress.


To God be the glory,

daniel jackson


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