Substitute Teaching

For all you people who care about what’s going on with me, I am going to start doing My Life Mondays!  Cause honestly, I shot a wedding this weekend and I’m still just culling through the photos (though they should be on FB sometime this week) and I am awfully tired!  SO, instead of trying to rush those photos out, I’m just going to take Mondays to talk about what’s happening with me!

And luckily I have a new experience to share about!  Today I began my first day as a substitute teacher!  Of course my plans are still to become an EMT (and possibly go further with medicine) and also to keep working on photography but for now I need a job while I’m still getting the other stuff rolling!  So, here it is!  Let me tell you, teachers have it rough!  I need to go back to my second grade teacher (Mrs. D’Antionio) and give her a HUGE thank you!  I don’t know how she managed to write all these lesson plans, grade all this stuff, AND keep us all under control!  It’s nuts!  And I don’t remember her ever screaming or getting angry.  These kids are here all day long with so much pent up energy!  You have to constantly get them to sit down, stop talking to each other, and there is NEVER a point in time when you can say, “Just read to yourselves quietly” and ACTUALLY expect them to do so.  So, hats off to you if any of you are second grade teachers!  I am amazed at what you do!  I can scarcely imagine doing this full time for years.

But as for Danielle and David’s wedding, I HOPE to have those photos culled through by Thursday and post AT least a sneak peak by Friday but we will have to see.  This week is going to be packed!

But enjoy your week everyone!  Remember, you only get to live this Monday once, so don’t go wasting it just because it’s a Monday!

(and small rumor.  I heard that eggnog is now on the shelves.  I’m not quite freaking out because I haven’t personally confirmed this but I have a reliable source.  so prepare to freak out everyone.  it is here.)

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson


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