Something Guy Photog’s May Not Know

The getting ready photos were going FABULOUSLY. The bride looked fantastic. Her shoes were a magnificent golden brown that SPARKLED. The dress had been photographed and even though some things in the foreground were going to have to be Photoshopped out, it was still majestic. All of this was done and knowing the high quality of the work I’d just finished, I hung the dress up on the door where I’d found it and left it.


Now, I will go ahead and point out that I hung that dress up with a LOT of care! It wasn’t snagging on the door splinters, and it wasn’t ruffled from the time I handled it. I did a great job! =D


But then the bride noticed something after I walked away… Every time someone opened the door… the dress dragged along the ground…


I know I KNOW! So simple and seems like it should be a no-brainer… but again… For a guy who’d never dealt with dresses before getting into this wedding thing… it didn’t occur to me that the dress came with a separate hanger to hold the bottom of the dress! And to top it off, my second photographer was also a guy! So we were double useless!


[[[Even though I’m primarily writing this post for the benefit of my male photography compadres, if any bride happens to see this, you should know that I have fixed this problem. Once you do something like this one time,
you realize that MAYBE you should learn a little research into the major dos and don’ts of weddings.]]]


So male photographers, learn from this, and you can save yourself from a good forty minutes of embarrassed feelings! I’m currently interviewing some women I know about other things I should probably know for a wedding day and I’ll be releasing them to you as I know more. But hold on to hope! Even as guys, we can still learn this stuff!!!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson