McKenna & Jake | Birmingham, AL

The sun had already started setting on the horizon as we reached the top of Oak Mountain Park. Although slightly chilled, the weather was just about as perfect as you could hope for. No clouds. No ice to deal with. No wind. Just… peaceful. A perfect compliment to the spunky relationship that is McKenna & Jake. Quirky to no end, there seems to be an unending fountain of joy that springs from these two. (Jake could make McKenna laugh every time I asked him, and I did so quite often!) But underneath Jake’s countless jokes, these two still hold an immense… intensity. A respect for one another and for themselves based on a mutual faith in a creator who oversees every step of their love. It’s a belief that drives their lives towards something greater than themselves.

And so we ventured, Jake telling his jokes, McKenna giggling and giving affectionate smacks when he said them a little too loudly. It was good for me personally to watch. Healthy even! A great example of how a God-fearing, loving couple should love each other. A couple grounded in healthy minds, bodies, and spirits. They are going to make a great team as their story continues to unfold, and I’m happy to play a small part in helping it happen. Their marriage cannot happen soon enough!

This is what happens when your couple does Crossfit together for fun.

Jake didn’t realize at first that he needed to actually help McKenna stay on (look at his hands in the first image)

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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