Photographing a Fake Weddings

Good morning everyone! About a week ago I had the pleasure of throwing a fake wedding with some absolute awesome friends of mine! It was a blast and I learned a ton! Of course I learned a ton about planning events and some of the information I feel can spill over very easily into scheduling sessions, too! So, I’ve constructed a short list of things to remember when you’re preparing an event like this or just working with a bride who’s not exactly sure what she wants!




1. Think about EVERYTHING! Yes, everything. Before you shoot an event, you need to make sure that every detail is accounted for. What time will EVERYTHING happen? I ran into a situation where all the groomsmen hadn’t been informed what time to arrive at the event (we changed the times a little near the day of) and so we had one guy show up a little late! And then to top it off we’d communicated wrong and so he hadn’t know what to wear! Every detail of a wedding matters (even in a fake one). So, who will be cooking? What time will that food be served? Will there be food? Do the guests know there will be food?




2. Thank everyone involved thoroughly! You want to make a lasting impression on the people who help you in an event? Send them a handwritten note to thank them! Yep, this will take a TON of work! But in photography, almost all my new clients I’ve gotten have been received because of a referral by a previous client. So, you want new clients? Show the ones you’ve already worked with that you are FANTASTIC and they won’t be able to help but talk about you!




3. Be positive! A week ago I shot a real wedding where the main photographer (Photography by Hannah Grace) had to leave town suddenly (two days before the wedding) because of a death in the family. She of course did an EXCELLENT good job finding a new main photographer to replace her (Tashena Photography) but in all the craziness, the bride was understandably freaking out! Luckily, I knew her personally! Within a few text messages I took her from being ready to have a melt down to calmly thanking me for reassuring her that everything will be okay. Write this down and paste it to every freaking out bride. “Do not worry. I’ve got this. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, I have been taking pictures for long enough to shoot in just about any conditions and your day is going to look fabulous.” Now, what if you really don’t believe everything will be okay? FAKE IT! This is the bride’s wedding day and it is YOUR JOB as the photographer to reassure the bride that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, you will get good pictures (and considering that you are PHOTOGRAPHER, if you can’t say this with confidence then you need to do some more practicing)!




4. Be punctual! This ones obvious but if you can’t be on time, don’t expect everyone else to!




5. Be gracious! If someone messes something up, you’re not going to fix the situation by being upset in that moment! Keep things going smoothly and fix things after an event.




6. Have fun! I love photography and that’s why I take pictures! I hope that’s why you do, too! So remember to enjoy the experience!




Here are just a few of my favorite photos from the event! I hope you like them!








It was VERY fortunate that this sign was just right there at the end of the road!






To God be the glory,

daniel jackson


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