Shelby + Nathan | Harrisonburg, VA

I used to think that cold weather was the worst thing that could happen to a sweetheart session. I mean, who wants to go outside when it’s below thirty degrees?! Your fingers stop operating. Your nose goes numb. And all of a sudden being in the shade becomes extremely unpleasant! But now I see that I’ve been looking at it all wrong!!! Last week I met up with Shelby and her husband out in Harrisonburg, Virginia for a sweetheart session downtown. =D And as you probably can guess… it was below thirty degrees! Just in between walking the fifty yards from where I was sleeping to our meeting spot, I almost texted them to call it off. [not really… but maybe I considered it for a moment] Now though, I have a newfound appreciation for cold weather! After all, my mission is to bring couples closer together. What better way to do that than to put them in a situation where they CAN’T WAIT to snuggle? I won’t lie. Standing out in that weather isn’t my FAVORITE, but the images it creates are stunning! In fact, I think I PREFER wintery sessions now.

So hurry up subzero weather! I need some white backdrops!!! I’ve got love to build!

Thanks again Shelby!!!  We survived!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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