Pencil Art is Coming Back to DJS!!!

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In high school everyone has their “thing,” ya know? You’ve got the band geeks, the jocks, the preps, the “government” kids, the bullies, the anime club, the sports people, the track people [yes it’s a sport, but they’re a group all on their own], and a dozen other stereotyped genres of high schoolers. Pretty much everyone fits in somewhere.

People are often surprised to hear this about me, but back in the day, I was 1000% the super awkward “art kid.” Yes, I meant to put a 1000 there. During lunch you could have found me each day sitting across the courtyard leaning by myself against the exterior art room wall. Each day I would traverse the lunch lawn, wolf down my food as quickly as possible, and then spend the remainder of my time honing my artistic skills.

This love the art was almost an obsession for me. In fact, besides that one time when I threw a tissue box across the room and got detention… I only ever got into trouble with teachers because I always I spent a LITTLE too much time drawing and no quite enough time focusing on what my teachers were teaching. Drawing was just what I did! It was my escape. [link to the tissue box story at the bottom]

I hope this doesn’t come off as too boastful, but I got pretty darn decent! [Yes, I drew the WALLE that’s at the top of this post]. By the time I graduated, I could take just about any picture and put it down on paper. But, despite all the MANY hours of practice I put into this craft… over the past few years, I have slowly let the skill take a back burner in my life. In college, ceramics peaked my interest. I drew some and a sold a few pieces, but nothing major. And then I worked at camp, and the novelty of photography once again pulled me into a whole new world of creative being.  Then the challenge of mastering wedding photography and running a business drew me even further away.

Well, today I’m excited to officially announce that I’m turning that around. I’ve talked about this a little before, but as of today I’m beginning the process of reintroducing pencil art back into the backbone of my business. It’s been a part of my wedding packages for a little while, but now it’s going to be more! I don’t have a design quite yet, but be watching out! Pretty soon there’ll be a new page of the old website. My vision isn’t completely concrete yet, but one day I hope to be known as “Daniel Jackson, the graphite wedding photographer…”

Alright… needs some work. But it’s a start!


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Jenny Weasley-1.jpg


To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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