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Caitlin + Elliot | Norfolk, VA


When I started talking with Caitlin and Elliot about doing an anniversary session for them, I was ecstatic. What a great idea!!! Here was a chance to hang out once again with one of my couples. A team that I watched go from two people to one. And I am happy to say that the experience was even better than I imagined it might be. We had to run through my posing system again (a year does wonders to memory), but these two were just as fun to work with as the first times around. 


In October I did something that in the past I never would have thought possible! Three eleven hour wedding days in a row. Sydney & Alex on Friday. Merry & Nick on Saturday. Stephanie & David on Sunday. Around 6,000 pictures taken in a 56-hour timespan. I went through 6 camera batteries 11 memory cards, […]


When it comes to planning the wedding day, it can be a little bit daunting. After all, how much time does it really take to do family photos? And if you want images of all those little details (rings, flowers, invitations), where does your photographer fit it in to get all that done? Further, what […]


Gotta love a great sunset.


Although they didn’t know it, Matthew and Elizabeth’s story began far before their 2012 meeting at Auburn University. Both athletically inclined, they attended the same recruitment trip and subsequently shared their first Auburn football game. For those Auburn fans out there, this was the very game where during the pre-game festivities, Spirit (Auburn’s eagle), while soaring around the football field, ran full fledged into the press-box window. But I digress. A year after this through mutual friends, Elizabeth and Matthew met. They pretty quickly knew they had something special going on, and once they started spending time together, they never looked back! And if you get to know them, it’s pretty obvious that Elizabeth and Matthew are two people that just… fit. Both caring individuals, they love each other so incredibly well!

Fast forward four years. After many shared meals, road trips, and piles of laughter, Matthew realized he’d rather share his life with no one else, he set an incredible plan in motion! Over the Christmas holidays in 2016, Elizabeth was spending some time down in Florida, enjoying a nice, warm respite from the business of equestrian life. Unbeknownst to her, Matthew flew down, surprising Elizabeth at the airport! Then, on New Years Day, under the guise of attending a fancy dinner at West Palm Beach, Matthew orchestrated the surprise of Elizabeth’s life. Matthew popped the question amidst a gorgeous Florida sunset.


All in all, Stephanie and David are going to be just fine. They are a team forged in the hazards of life, and due to the adversity they have faced together, there is little to nothing this world could do to break them apart.




Welcome to the blog! Whether your engaged or just want to look at some of my favorite images, I'm glad you're here. So grab some eggnog (or your beverage of choice), and enjoy hanging in my online home.




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