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Elizabeth + Matthew | 2400 on the River | Ranger, GA


Although they didn’t know it, Matthew and Elizabeth’s story began far before their 2012 meeting at Auburn University. Both athletically inclined, they attended the same recruitment trip and subsequently shared their first Auburn football game. For those Auburn fans out there, this was the very game where during the pre-game festivities, Spirit (Auburn’s eagle), while soaring around the football field, ran full fledged into the press-box window. But I digress. A year after this through mutual friends, Elizabeth and Matthew met. They pretty quickly knew they had something special going on, and once they started spending time together, they never looked back! And if you get to know them, it’s pretty obvious that Elizabeth and Matthew are two people that just… fit. Both caring individuals, they love each other so incredibly well!

Fast forward four years. After many shared meals, road trips, and piles of laughter, Matthew realized he’d rather share his life with no one else, he set an incredible plan in motion! Over the Christmas holidays in 2016, Elizabeth was spending some time down in Florida, enjoying a nice, warm respite from the business of equestrian life. Unbeknownst to her, Matthew flew down, surprising Elizabeth at the airport! Then, on New Years Day, under the guise of attending a fancy dinner at West Palm Beach, Matthew orchestrated the surprise of Elizabeth’s life. Matthew popped the question amidst a gorgeous Florida sunset.


All in all, Stephanie and David are going to be just fine. They are a team forged in the hazards of life, and due to the adversity they have faced together, there is little to nothing this world could do to break them apart.


What do you say about a couple like Merry+Nick? What makes them such an incredible couple not only to work with, but more importantly… to know? As you’ll see below, they are an incredibly attractive couple. But… that’s not it. And it’s not their extremely joyous personalities, although I’d definitely put it on the list.


Sydney & Alex first met at Auburn while playing a game of pick-up ultimate frisbee, but far from the typical love story, the interest just wasn’t there at the first hello. They remained friends however all through college. Then, nearly six years after that first meeting, they ran into each other four hours away from Auburn, where they reconnected and their romantic relationship began.

That summer they were inseparable. You see, Sydney had received an amazing scholarship to spend eight months teaching English in Italy, and being the wise man he is, Alex embraced the preciously little time they had left on the same continent. They hiked, ziplined, spent probably far too many hours watching Game of Thrones, dined, and spent time doing what great friends do. And when the summer ended, Alex was there at the airport, overjoyed to have already planned multiple trips out Sydney’s way. In his words, “what better area to visit your significant other in than the beautiful and romantic alpine slopes of Northern Italy!?” It was here in those moments of excitement that Alex realized that he wanted to marry Sydney, and he never looked back.

Then one day, Alex decided it was time to take the plunge. Both lovers of the outdoors, Alex planned a romantic weekend in the mountains of North Carolina, where on the highest peak Georgia has to offer, amidst a breathtaking view of the horizon, Alex proposed to the woman of his dreams. Much to his relief, Sydney ecstatically said yes.


When I think of Kristen and John, one word comes prominently to my mind: balance. Simply put, they are one of those couples that just mesh together so perfectly. Kristen with her easy-going joy is balanced out by John’s constant, calm demeanor. Like chocolate cookies and a tall glass of milk, they share a symmetry that is both interesting to watch and refreshing to experience.

In terms of the actual wedding, although high temperatures attempted to drive us all indoors, wonderfully wistful clouds swooped in to offer us just the right amount of protection as we went about our morning activities. We laughed together as Kyle, Kristen’s brother, covered his face to avoid watching Kristen and John share a bridal party kiss (image below), and then we laughed some more when Mike (Kristen’s dad) accidentally dropped his glasses during his daddy-daughter dance. Throughout it all Ashley Cudsik (the owner of The Barn at Oak Manor & the lead coordinator at Flower Child Weddings), did an incredible job of making sure every detail ran just as it should! All in all a near perfect wedding day.


Once again I fought back the anger as I stared at the mountain before me. This steep climb, which I had attempted so many times before was my mark of a repeated failure. The effort I perceived as adequate was always inevitably matched with an unwillingness of the task to yield to my determination. And […]




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