My Top 20 To Dos


It’s amazing that in this modern age, we are able to do SO MUCH MORE than in the past. We can communicate instantly with people anywhere around the planet. Wedding images I take in Chesapeake, Virginia can be viewed by my family in¬†Auburn, Alabama within seconds of them being taken! We are in a time where we really can do ANYTHING we put our minds to.


But, despite all of this possibility,¬†outside of divine intervention, we can only accomplish anything to the level of which we can envision it. We are bound to the futures we decide to work towards. Below I have listed my current top 20 goals. Some of them are already done… while others are still in process. But I’ll get through them. =D Just taking it one day at a time.


1. Create my own eggnog recipe that’s close to Purity brand
2. Photograph an engagement at a waterfall
3. Become a Physician Assistant
4. Finish a color run
5. Find a girl that enjoys Taco Bell as much as I do
6. Discover a cure for my pollen allergies
7. Learn to play the piano
8. Camp atop a snow-covered mountain
9. Swing dance at a fancy-smancy dinner wearing a snappy suit
10. Come home from work and kiss my wife
11. Take a professional ballroom class
12. Build a snowman
13. Read through the entire Lord of the Rings book series
14. See the Grand Canyon… or Yellowstone… or Yosemite… or really any of the mountainous national parks… Scratch that. I want to see ALL of them, but I’ll settle for seeing three.
15. Ask a complete stranger to dance
16. Read through the Harry Potter book series
17. Complete an 3 foot by 4 foot pencil portrait
18. Own and pay off a house
19. Build my own pottery wheel
20. Go overseas on a medical missions trip and personally make a difference in healing the afflicted of the world.




To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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