My New Favorite Eggnog

A couple weeks ago I made a mistake, and I’m not entirely sure how it happened. At the time it seemed like such a good idea! Practically my entire family is jumping on board, and it’s supposed to be really healthy… Well, I got an app called “Lose It!” and while yes, I have found increased energy in my life as I’m eating healthier, working out more, walking more, drinking more water, and all around being a better person, I failed to fully think through the ramifications of this… Guys! It is eggnog season! What was I thinking?!?! Of all the times of year to begin contemplating the long term ramifications of my weight, I had to choose now?

But in the midst of this gripping sorry, an answer arose from the ashes of my sorrow! A beacon of hope. A ray of respite. A glimmer of joy! I was walking through Kroger when my eyes fell about something I’d never noticed before. Sitting in a lone, aisle ending fridge, stood cartons upon cartons of Low Fat Kroger-brand eggnog! Of course, I try my best online to never seem TOO biased towards one brand or another. After all, like a mother surveying her young, my love for eggnog extends to all brands. Even the homemade versions that are basically just heavy cream with some added sugar. Even they are worthy of bringing joy to the masses. But, despite my silence on the matter, I am willing to say it here. After years of debating my absolute favorite brand, I do now declare that the low fat Kroger brand might just be my favorite one yet, and much to my new healthy dispositions surprise, it’s SLIGHTLY healthier than the other brands you’ll find!

Woah! Calm down! I know what question is most gripping your heart at this very moment! Besides it’s 120 calorie reduction per cup, what makes it so great? So glad you asked! While some brands like Southern Comfort are just a little bit too thick, Kroger wisely removed a tinge of viscosity, allowing for a smoother drinking experience. It’s sweet but not overbearing, savory but not gaudy. Now, I will acknowledge that some people do not enjoy the “bubble gum” flavor that often accompanies certain eggnog brands, and I will admit, you will find that here. So, if you’re one of those, this one might not be for you. (Maybe try the Golden brand. It’s more like the heavy cream but hey, as long as it’s eggnog I won’t judge!) However, if you can look past your misguided taste buds, you’ll find that this beverage truly does encapsulate what it is to be filled with holiday cheer. And thus, despite my venture towards becoming a healthier person, I have found respite in the ever caring arms of Kroger, and I hope that you might find it, too!

There ends another holiday tale.

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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