To Move or Not to Move?

First off, I think it’s important to note that I have changed MLM from “My Life Mondays” to “Monumental Life Mondays” and though no, everything I talk about will probably not seem all that monumental to the average onlooker, everyone knows that life’s problems are expounded 1,000 fold when they become our own.  So know that these problems, though seemingly small to you…  Yeah… they are probably are really small.  But in the moment, while I go through it, they seem much larger.  Okay?


Getting right to the problem though!  I am in a pickle! And no, not literally. Right now I pay around $300 a month for room, utilities, food, and internet. When I type it out that sounds ridiculous. You CANNOT find that in most places, and especially not in Chesapeake, VA! But, somehow I got that deal. Now, I have a friend who would like me to move in with him and it would probably come out to around $400 per month. Still good and it would put me closer to work [I’m currently working as a substitute teacher and though it’s going much better than my first experience where I told one child to “shut up” (deserved) and another child to stop asking “stupid questions” (also deserved) (It was a very stressful first day.), you can read about that first day HERE]. HOWEVER, I would then not be living at Triple R Ranch (SHAMELESS PLUG: If you live in VA and need a GREAT, RELIABLE retreat center for an event, Triple R would love to accommodate you. Yes, I work for them SOME but really my ties to this place are far more emotional than financial!). There’s just nothing like walking outside and hearing… nothing. No city noise. No cars constantly wishing by. The ranch is just tranquil.  I can go out to the barn and just pet a horse or sit with a turkey and tell him my life problems (Benjamin’s a great listener).  I can just go plop into any chair on the ranch without a woe and let me tell you, they have a ton of chairs! You can’t do that in the city. You only have like four chairs you can sit in at your own apartment and if you’d like to sit in someone else’s chair, you have to ask them first… and they will probably just stare at you wondering why you’d want to sit in their chair…


But as for the city apartment, my heart is drawn for one particular… very selfish reason! My friend has very good internet! BOOM! I know you felt the weight of that statement as much as I do! In a world where everything is digital, a beginning photographer needs internet to survive. I would daresay it is essential! At the ranch… well… if someone watches a youtube video (which you would never DREAM of watching in HD), no one in the whole office can check their emails……… and that’s assuming the internet is working at all!  Many a time I have sat down to work on a website, or post a post only to discover that the internet was COMPLETELY dead… for no reason at all.  It will just flatline for no reason and need to be reset.   But then you reset it… and you still can’t watch anything reliably…


Oh bitter life! What hath thy servant done to deserve such subtle sorrows?!

For thou has cast me into the shade, with little hope of morrows!

Yet I will hope for something more to guide me on my way.

A companion perhaps with good internet who’s home I may use to lay.


One day that poem will either be famous or be in a song.  I just wrote it and I think I’m going to make it into a painting.  But that’s all I’ll say today, as I haven’t really chosen yet.  Sometime in the next few weeks I’ll have made a decision and will post pictures of my new home or my old one!  Keep you posted!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson


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