EGGNOG!!! A Monumental World Shift

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Within the past two weeks a magnificent event occurred!  Not only did I take more pictures in one weekend than I have ever taken (~4,000), I also went to the grocery store!  Yes, I know it doesn’t seem like a big thing, but that’s because you don’t know what a big things is!  While attending a grocery event usually only yields the simple things like eggs and tortillas, this trip was much different!  This time I not only found a wonderful morsels to chow down on, I also came across a gold mine or delectability!  Eggnog!  Yes, I said it.  Eggnog has officially entered the Walmart world!




There it is folks!  In all it’s splendor and glory!  I know it probably looked very strange for a 23 year old man to be standing in the milk aisle with a D7100 taking pictures of the eggnog rack but hey, what are you going to do?  When things get this exciting, you either jump on it or miss out on monumental moments?  I mean, you know the photo of the sailor kissing that girl that’s been famous forever?  Well… how do you think you get shots like that?  You have your camera ready for moments such as this!  And just in case you still don’t believe this is real, I took multiple photos!




AW!  There it is.  Over the next few months you can expect to see many more photos like these…  If it hadn’t been so dang cloudy today I would have MOST DEFINITELY found a clear glass to put the nog in and found some great, glinty light to really perfect the moment.  But for today this is the best I could do!


Enjoy these days though!  Winter has arrived and it is wonderful (I know it really hasn’t but eggnog is sure a step in the right direction)!


To God be the glory,

daniel jackson


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