The First Twenty Minutes

Here’s to round two!  This past week I had the opportunity to photograph a truly magnificent couple!  Madison and David are both so full of joy!  It’s nice to hang out with a couple that doesn’t have to touch each other every moment but at the same time… if I need to ask them to touch each other they don’t act awkward doing it!  Ya know?  Or let me clarify, because there is something at play here.  When doing a photography session, it’s ALWAYS going to be awkward for the first twenty minutes.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s just because we NEVER do things like this.  I’m not currently dating anyone, but when I was, I don’t remember anyone taking our picture ever saying something like, “Alright, Daniel I want you to ALMOST kiss her but then… don’t!  Okay now hold that right there!”  If
someone had I would  probably have been uncomfortable too!  And yet…


You can create some beautiful images of people when you tell them to do something that they would NEVER do on their own!  Of course then you also get the not so glamorous images…


…but even this is adorable!  So, from now on I’m going to tell people straight up that the first twenty minutes of shooting a couple shoot WILL inevitably be awkward!  There no way around it!  And then once the couple realizes this, they fell FAR less awkward about being awkward!  I tried that with Madison and David and they definitely relaxed when I told them!  Further, after about thirty minutes when we were switching to our second location, they were even joking about how much LESS awkward is was BECAUSE they felt comfortable to talk about it!  It’s a magnificent ice-breaker.

But enough of my rambling.  Here are just a few more of my favorite photos from this shoot!



To God be the glory,

daniel jackson


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