Madelynn & Aaron | Chesapeake, VA

I want to start out by saying that Aaron, you did a purely magnificent job my friend. Madelynn had no idea that you were about to propose, and considering that she was watching at all times for any clue, your ability to control your excitement is even all the more amazing. You planned it all perfectly. There, at the Regent University fountain right next to the chapel, where you knew Madelynn had once dreamed of being married, you proposed to your future bride. And to you both, congratulations once again to the newest DJSCouple. I very much look forward to your engagement session in a few weeks and then your wedding that isn’t all that far away! You are a great pair that balances each other so well, and I’m already praying for your marriage to come.

“The moment of realization.”


Up until now Madelynn’s excitement overruled Aaron’s desire to give her the ring.

proposal,virginia,proposal,virginia,proposal,virginia,And then she saw me!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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