Lauren + Ethan | Chesapeake, VA

FINALLY! I cannot express how excited I am to finally post these photos!  Originally, I wasn’t even sure if we were going to get to shoot this wedding at all this year. Due to some outside circumstances, I literally didn’t know the date of the wedding until about a month before it happened.


Lauren and Ethan are such a fantastic couple who have such beautiful hearts.  Two of the MOST laid back people I’ve ever met.  Ethan, currently in the process of transitioning between jobs, is one of the happiest and most photogenic dudes I’ve worked with to date.  Going back through all the pictures I have, I think he’s smiling in more photos than not!  And Lauren was no different!  You put these two together and they radiate joy.  And in terms of the event itself, everything went splendidly.  As with most weddings, the schedule we’d originally laid out QUICKLY had to be pushed back to accommodate for delays.  Throughout it all, as I fixed schedules and developed new plans, the couple seemed completely unfazed!  I am simply in awe of how well these two work together, and I am so happy that in the end they weren’t forced to wait before getting married!  They are going to do great things together and it was an absolute privilege to witness the beginnings of it.


Here are just a few of the photos taken from a magnificently wonderful day!

Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-1 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-2

Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-14 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-13


The guys, after dressing in the kitchen, got bored and spent their down time on an IQ test

Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-7 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-12

Short Story: Colin, a groomsmen, bought the LAST pair of pants he could find at Walmart from Black Friday sales…  Unfortunately, he didn’t check to make sure that the button of the pants wasn’t broken.  BUT, lucky for us, Jackson, another groomsman (and also the bride’s brother) happens to love welding!  Didn’t work…. but it made for a cool and memorable moment!


Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-4 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-8



Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-15 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-16 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-17

Our first look was delayed by Ethan, who all of a sudden became very concerned about his hair looking perfect


Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-19 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-20 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-21


Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-31 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-30 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-29 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-28

I’m still have no idea why but right after taking the previous photo these two could NOT stop laughing

Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-27 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-26 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-24








It wouldn’t be a classic “Ethan” without the eyebrow


Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-42 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-46 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-45 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-44

I don’t remember exactly how much he said but I DO remember that this watch was given to Ethan for the wedding and costed somewhere around my weekly paycheck


Lauren’s dad privately practicing a song before driving to the ceremony


Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-49Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-50 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-52 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-51Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-53Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-54

Thank you Jesus for my second shooter Kelsey!  This was without a doubt the fastest kiss I have ever seen at a wedding and the preacher put his arm right in the way of my photo.


What better way to spend a wedding reception than playing tag with your best friends?

Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-58 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-59Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-60 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-62 Barn-Fall-Midday-Chesapeake-Wedding-61

If you look closely enough, you’ll notice my very young and talented flash stand in the background.  Kelsey.  It was a joy photographing this wedding together and I hope we get to do it again soon.



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To God be the glory,

daniel jackson


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