Kaylyn & Zach | Auburn, AL

You know how sometimes you just meet people that you instantly love? Like, when you are talking to someone and within twenty minutes of conversation, you wish you lived near each other so you could become best friends? Well, meet Kaylyn and Zach! Lovers of mac&cheese and good ol’ fashion hamburgers, they are two truly calm souls brought together by an alphabetized seating chart and a little bit of divine planning. When I first talked with them a couple months ago, I immediately became a fan. Even now three main words come to mind when I think of their affection: respect, warmth, and affection.

When you’ve got a couple like this, that respects and honors each other completely, you really can’t help but have a great time capturing it. And so naturally, Our time together running around Kiesel Park and Opelika went spectacularly! Here’s a couple highlights as to why:

  1. God was kind enough to give us a magnificent sunset matched with tremendous weather! Not a single cloud blocked the sunset as we ventured around.You just can’t beat the glow of a natural sunset!
  2. When I ask a couple if they know how to dance, about a third of the time I’m met with two very blank stares. Of course this isn’t a problem! I believe that dancing is one of the most intimate things a couple can do, and so being someone who believes strongly in building a relationship wherever possible, I always teach them. =) But Kaylyn and Zach aren’t one of those couples who needed any help there. One of my favorite poses for every session is the dip. It’s a simple trust exercise that forces a man to have confidence in himself and forces a woman to believe in that confidence. I can teach almost any couple to do it, and I pretty much always do. =P But, when I told Zach to dip Kaylyn, to be entirely honest, I was not prepared for the level of intensity be brought to the moment. You’ll see the image below, but this couple knows how to dip, and I am so ready to get a recreation picture of them all dressed up for their wedding!

After spending a little bit of time getting acquainted with marriage (starting on May 25th!!!), they plan to head overseas to serve on mission for Christ in some far away land. I love these two. Their relationship is pure, good, and joyful. They have the potential to have an amazing marriage, and they are going to have an incredible impact on the world.

Best natural dippers I have ever seen!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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