So I turned 25 yesterday!!! WHAT WHAT!!! In honor of that, I’m postings some of my favorite images from this past year.  Overall, I’d say it went rather well!  I didn’t QUITE meet a few of my goals, but others I DESTROYED.  I expected by now that I would be applying for PA schools but I have a few more classes to get through.  =P  And I MAY have been a little overly zealous about my business goals.  But… I’m getting there!  I know a lot more today than I did in the past.  So, even though I “failed” to reach my goals, I would say I definitely succeeded at getting a lot closer to them!


So what are the MAIN lessons?  Here goes!

  1. Life is about more than eggnog.  It’s about the people who buy you eggnog.
  2. There’s just not enough time in the day to waste time wishing you had more time.
  3. Reading books is one of the MOST profitable past times around.
  4. If you’re going to run a business, set it up in such a way that VALUE to customers always supercedes your own feelings.
  5. Set limits on how much you allow yourself to work.  Being healthy is more important than “success.”
  6. Drink a lot of water!
  7. The more quality your friends, the greater your support system on bad days.
  8. Since you only have so much time in a day, you have to be willing to say no to things that don’t further your goals.
  9. Chocolate milk is good a good post-workout beverage.  GREAT NEWS!
  10. Anyone can become president.


In honor of this historic happening, I’ve gone ahead and added some of my favorite images from the year!


One of my grandmothers is getting older, and she can’t always drive herself to our family gatherings like she used to.  This image was taken when my sister and I found this quaint abandoned strip mall on our way back from dropping her off last year.  I’m so glad that I was born into a family that TRULY cares for each other.  I feel like so many families lose the ability to remain REAL friends over the years… but I was lucky enough to get five siblings that can all come together and just have fun being a family!  I’m appreciating that more and more recently.  PC: Elizabeth Jackson

Of all the people I know, Laura easily ranks in the top ten most enjoyable people to be around…  A generous soul, Laura often allows us friends to take complimentary walks with her around the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk.  We saw eagles, bonded over a love of cherry blossoms, and just had fun exploring!  =D  Now that I think on it, I think I wnat to do that again!  PC: Laura Jean


Last Christmas!  Gosh that’s weird to think about!  This was taken on the front porch of my parent’s new house during our first family gathering there.  PC:  No idea…. but probably my mom.

Remember the first picture that my sister took at the beginning?  Well, she graduated!  PC: Mom

My attempt at creating branding images for myself.  =P  Somehow it turned into me teaching Davis about how to compose a portrait image…  I’m not really sure how that happened actually!  PC: Davis Plummer


My first experience doing REAL Mario Kart racing!  Drifting is  totally a real thing!  PC: Skyler Dyson

When turn GREAT friends made the long trip up North to visit me at camp.  I’ve known Trey since somewhere around the third grade.  My buddy and one of my best pals!  =D  PC: Laura Williams

This is where I learned that shooting guns is actually REALLY hard!  I think we were at like fifty yards… and I’m pretty sure I didn’t hit a single time…


Abby and I rockin’ it in DC when we went and visiting our Kenneth (brother) and Laura (wife of brother)! PC: Kenneth Jackson Photography [Though right now he’s got a well-designed business in DC, Kenneth and his wife will soon be moving to Ohio.  Anyone know someone over there gettin’ MURRIED?]


Swaggin’ out in my camp glasses during a hard day at summer camp!


The first of MANY photographer meetups I’ve been doing in the past few months.  It’s amazing how much MORE I’ve started enjoying my job recently now that I have other friends in the area working on the same things!  PC: Jessica Souther Photography [For all the families in the Hampton Roads area, Jessica is a FANTASTIC personality to work with!]


This year I got to photograph one of my best friend’s weddings!  Amanda and I have been friends for about… four years now.  We have shared SO MANY laughs together, and I’m so happy that she’s now married to Ben. PC: Taylor Dekker [Getting married around Bradfordsville, KY?  He could be a great option for you!]


One of my favorite pictures from this year!  I find it SO fun that even after a full year of figuring out this thing called business, I can still take simple images that BLOW me away.  Here’s to another year of continued creativity and fun!  PC: Daniel Jackson Studios

Okay now this one is special!  When I first started doing photography, my good friend Kelsey and I decided it would be fun to take pictures of someone out at Regent University.  So, we met there and not going to lie… it was awful…  Clouds moved in.  Everything was muggy… and I had no idea what to do with that at the time.  BUT, in the midst of that Kelsey snapped this picture of me against this wall… and even though I DEFINITELY don’t look professional, it held the spot as my business image for almost an entire year.  =D  So thanks Kelsey.  You are a true friend, and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding!



Even though I am most certainly NOT a beach photographer, it was still fun getting to spend the day with Kelsey Butler photographing an engagement together.  PC: Kelsey Butler


This year I felt like this half the time…

…and then this the rest…

EGGNOG HIT STORES EARLIER THIS YEAR!!!  Of course…. it left earlier, too…


PC: Skyler Dyson


My very first solo wedding.  =D  It’s incredible to think back on all that I’ve learned this past year.  From editing to finance, I have accomplished SO MUCH.  And even though I get down on myself sometimes for not being “where I thought I would be,” I am happy today to admit to myself that I have most certainly improved!  I no longer seek perfection in my business, just nonstop growth.  PC: Davis Plummer

One day the image I took of that dirt will make me famous!

Here’s to a great year of adventure with some amazing friends who made the whole thing worth it!  Thank you to everyone who has supported me as I’ve pursued SO many dreams at once.  And thank you to all the clients who made running a business worth the hustle.  We can do this life thing.  Even if it takes some of a us a while to get to where we hope to be, we can do this!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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