Hannah + Danny | Huntsville, AL

The Yates wedding out in Huntsville was one that I will not soon forget. A day filled with laughter, some sweet tears, and a good amount of firsts. Seriously, before Saturday I had never seen the following:

  1. During the groomsmen portraits, we discovered some construction equipment outside (disclaimer: there were NO keep off signs). So, we of course had to stop by there and do some masculine posing (still haven’t decided to include an image of that below). 😉
  2. When it came time to toss the bouquet, Hannah told me that she was going to chuck it. I’m pretty sure after it flew over all the waiting women it landed on the cake!
  3. NEVER BEFORE has a bride been so considerate and kind to bring me eggnog at their wedding. Never… and I know it’s silly, but it really did touch me on an incredibly deep level. (Thanks Hannah. Really and truly.)

But that’s just who these two are! In a world of fleeting interaction, Danny and Hannah take the time to care for one another and for the people around them, and they do it with an incredible amount of joy! A relationship that goes so far beyond any sort of fleeting physical attraction. A devotion based on knowing. In seeing the other completely. Unashamedly. Spend any time with Hannah and Danny, and you’ll quickly find yourself in a world without inhibitions. They are a safe place amongst a world of judgement. They are good, and kind, and giving, and positive, and devoted, and just downright awesome all around!

Danny. Hannah. I am overwhelmingly glad that I saw you on FB and asked if you would model for me. =) At the time I really had no idea that it would turn into a wedding. You just looked like a joyful couple who really liked hugging each other, and I knew that if there was ever a couple that I wanted to work more with, it was you two. I have no doubt that for the next fifty years, you two are going to have an amazing marriage that is going to continue to inspire anyone who sees it. Your love is infatuating, and if used right, it will shine like an incredible beacon to the God I know you both care so much to represent. Thank you both for simply being who you are and for letting me be around it. Stay in love my friends, and never forget that I’m here if you ever need me.


I think the shawl was my favorite part of the whole outfit!

LOVED those screens!

That moment when Hannah threw her bouquet OVER all the single ladies.

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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