Grant + Elizabeth | Lowndesboro, AL

Grant and Elizabeth’s wedding went spectacularly! The food was great! The dancing was great. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were so much fun. And the best part? I was part of the family. So not only did I get to photograph the event, I got to help set it up as well! When you’re part of the family, there’s things you see that never would as a photographer. For instance, the church they got married in? It’s actually the church we’ve been attending all our lives every time we visited Grandmother. Oh! And many of the bridal portraits were actually done on Grandmother’s driveway. But that’s just the wedding. =D Look at how great my sister looks! To top it off, she’s marrying one of the most gentle, kindest guys I think I’ve ever met. Grant is the sort of dependable, God-fearing dude you always hope your sisters will find. He’s loyal, considerate, always able to take a joke (which he needs to be after all the times I make Alabama football jokes at him), and man does he love Coca Cola. He’s just… solid.

But getting back to the wedding itself, the weather was just about as good as it could be. The humidity was near 0% and although the sun was surely shining, one of the best benefits of a country wedding is that there are trees literally everywhere. It was magical without a cloud in the sky and a beautiful sunset to cap it all off.

I don’t say this often, but the wedding was just about perfect.

Special thanks to…
Venue – Marengo House
Second Photographer – Page Hall
Third Photographer – Emily Jane Simpson
Videographer – Annah Beth Alverson
Florist – Delaine Harrell
Hair/Makeup – GLOW
Rentals – American Rental and Tent
Caterer – I’m going to find out!!!
Cake Artist – Maegan Keel
Bride Attire – The White Room
Gent Attire – Men’s Warehouse
Bridesmaid Attire – Azazie


black and white rings resting in wedding bouquet,
bride putting in earrings next to window,
bride and bridesmaids in getting ready clothes,
bridesmaids smiling together in Lowndesboro AL,
bride and bridesmaids laughting at Merango House,
bride flaunting her ring,
bride and bridesmaids laughing on couch inside Merango House,
bridesmaids pointing at bride's ring,
bride admiring herself in a mirror,
Keds shoes resting on wedding dress,
wedding dress hanging on Merango door,
mother of bride and matron of honor helping put on dress,
mother of bride and matron of honor tying dress,
rings resting on perfume bottle,
bridesmaids covering their faces before first look,
first look reaction of bridesmaids,
bride smiling with bridesmaids in Lowndesboro AL,
close up of bride and bridesmaids,
bridea and bridesmaids in black and white,
bride getting into car,
groom and best man laughing,
groom standing on path with greenery,
groom smiling at Merango House in Lowndesboso AL,
matron of honor helping bride,
bride smiling in elegant dress with white flowers,
bride standing and smiling in front of Lowndesboro Baptist Church,
father first look with bride,
father smiling at bride in black and white,
groom first look reaction with white boutonniere,
groom smiling at veiled bride,
black and white of groom admiring bride's dress,
groom and bride nuzzling noses outside church in Lowndesboro AL,
energetic black and white of groom and bride laughing,
groom touching bride's cheek in Lowndesboro AL,
white flowers wrapped aroudn groom's back,
bride and groom hugging at Lowndesboro AL church,
groom and bride at top of steps with groom holding white flowers,
groom helping carry bride's dress,
bride and groom close up nuzzling,
groom touching nose to bride's temple while holding her bouquet,
close up of bride's ringed hand on groom's chest,
bride and groom dancing on church porch,
black and white of bride and groom kissing in front of Lowndesboro Baptist Church,
back of bride and groom standing in a field looking at each other,
bride and bridesmaids laughing while holding bouquets,
black and white of bride smiling with bridesmaids around,
bridesmaids wearing blue dresses holding white rose bouquets in a clump,
close up of bridesmaids wearing blue dresses holding white flowers,
bride cheering with a bridesmaid while both hold white bouquets towards camera,
wedding party including ring bearer and flowers girl,
celebrating wedding party while bride and groom kiss each other,
groom with bridesmaids holding bouquet,
bride with groomsmen in Lowndesboro AL,
groomsmen standing in a line wearing black with white boutonnieres,
groomsmen walking towards camera laughing,
black and white of ring bearer running down aisle,
bride and father walking down aisle smiling,
groom smiling at bride while she walks down aisle,
groom and bride smiling at each other in front of preacher at altar,
parents praying for bride and groom during ceremony,
bride and groom kiss at end of ceremony,
bride and groom smiling after ceremony conclusion,
bridea and groom kissing with sunset in background,
groom and bride looking at bride's rings,
bride smiling with veil over her head,
bride and groom's hands on bride's hip,
bride and groom kising under veil,
bride and groom smiling at camera while bride's head rests on groom's shoulder,
vibrant color image of bride and groom laughing under her veil with sunset in background,
black and white of bride hugging groom from behind and both smiling,
bride and groom almost kissing with sunset in background and veil filling foreground,
groom nuzzling bride from behind with sunset in background,
bride smiling to the right with sunet in background while holding white flowers,
black and white of groom helping carry smiling bride's dress,
front of Merango House in Lowndesboro AL,
charcuterie board at wedding,
black and white of bride and groom cutting cake,
bridea and groom walking past columns towards brick steps to be announced at wedding reception at Merango House,
bridea and groom dancing at Merango House in Lowndesboro AL,
wedding at Lowndesboro AL,
bride and groom first dance at back of Merango House in Lowndesboro AL,
bride and groom dancing,
bride laughing while dancing with father,
groom dancing with his mother at Merango House,
wedding guests dancing In Lowndesboro AL,
wedding guests smiling while dancing,
guests smiling on dance floor at Merango House,
guest singing at wedding reception,
back of Merango House at night set up for wedding. reception,
bride and groom sparkler exit at Merango House,
bride and groom kiss with sparklers behind them at Merango House in Lowndesboro AL,
bride and groom in limo leaving wedding,

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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