Eggnog, Moving, & ExpoDisc

Okay. It’s not Friday. BUT, who says that Funky Fridays posts have to be posted on Fridays?! What is life without a little spontaneity? Down to business! This week I…


1. Realized that eggnog is ONLY A MONTH AWAY from hitting the shelves!!!


2. Moved into a new house! Looking forward to many new adventures living in a log cabin.


3. To many I know this isn’t a big deal… but… well… I bought some jeans!


4. I got an ExpoDisc! I won’t bore anyone with the technicalities, but getting my images to more easily hold the correct colors will be fabulous!


5. Worked a day of maintenance on the Ranch, weed-wacking, roof fixing, and diving board dismantling. There’s something relaxing about “grass sculpting.”


6. Dreamed of a future life. I am very excited to see where God takes me as the years go on

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson