Liberty, Sessions, & Marriage

I know I didn’t post last week and I’m sorry about that! Things just got a little nuts… and they still are… but I’m making an extra effort this week to keep up with blogging each day… so give me one grace day? Yes? Awesome! You’re so forgiving and it’s great!!! So, what have I been doing these past two weeks?

1. Visited Liberty University. Oh my goodness! I loved my time at Auburn University back in the ol’ college days, but when I visited Liberty University in Lexington last week… I once again fell in love with the place. the Rot… Oh the Rot! It’s this amazing dining hall that basically has anything a Freshman in college could need! All you can eat pizza and infinite chocolate milk! It’s good they didn’t have an eggnog bar or I think I would have dropped everything and applied right then! Then, on TOP of that [as if it could get any better], I know like twenty people there. And then and then, I got to do a ton of photography. Just in case you’re interested, here are all the links! [Shea and Taylor] [Morgan & Jake]


2. The renovation of Josh and my cabin is coming along… Our fridge is currently sitting on the porch… and we have massive dehumidifiers in there. Hopefully soon the new flooring will go down and we’ll be able to come home again.


3. Ate a Snickers

4. Roads are clear! Of course this means we can’t canoe around the ranch… but to be honest I really don’t mind walking anymore.

5. Learned to correctly cook bacon! I have a bad habit of burning things… but this past weekend I learned how to make bacon properly. Middle heat, and a very attentive eye. It’ll be tempting to get distracted, but if you are DILIGENT, it is accomplishable.

6. Decided it was time I started learning about wine. So far all I know is that I like moscato… I know… About as unknowledgeable as I could be… but it’s a start!

7. Photographed a wedding!!! Of course this came with 20 hours worth of road-tripping but it was totally worth it to see my good friend Amanda get murried! Now that I think about it… she should be coming back from her honeymoon soon… [Amanda + Ben]


8. While at CNU waiting to leave for that wedding I ended up photographing Joan and John!


9. Attended Nard. I know that sounds weird but it’s a Bible study that meets at Grace Bible Church out here in VA. Basically, it’s a bunch of people our age getting together to figure out how on EARTH to do the 20s life.

10. Bought some eggnog! How could I let a week go by without at least MENTIONING this?


11. I finished a family session with one of the most ADORABLE little boys.


12. AND to top it all off, I’m HOPING to have my new website and brand up and running within the next month! I know I keep saying it’s almost done… but making a website is a TON of work!

And this weekend it looks like I’ll be heading up to Richmond to hang with my good friend Justin. But that’s everything I accomplished. What have you been up to?

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson