Brake Failure, Home Repair, & Wedding Guesting

– Shared my staple meal [tortilla, ham, pepperoni, and Thousand Island dressing] with my good friend Maggie!  For any of you who might thing that this DELICACY is not as extraordinary as I claim, I DARE you to try it!  Now, if you don’t like it… you must have made it wrong…


– Ate a wonderful parmesan chicken recipe Maggie made for me in reciprocation. And it really was really good!  It ALMOST made me want to learn to cook actual real food.


– Hopped on a plane to go to a wedding that I WASN’T PHOTOGRAPHING! No joke, I love my job, but it was so nice to WATCH someone else do it. I literally just swing danced my heart out, took a FEW pictures for a good friend who needed them, and then spent the rest of the time talking to people.  Did it stress me out…?  Yeah… some… but that’s the curse I will now and forevermore bare.  But I’m actual REALLY excited to see how the images turn out!


– Discovered I had a broken car… but I adulted and got it fixed! Apparently my brake caliper on my back left tire was leaking like brake fluid… which could have been a REALLY big deal if I had run out while on the highway… and lost my brakes going at 70mph… [And when I say “discovered” it was broken, I went to drive it somewhere and my brakes went all the way to the floor without much affect.] Definitely a thankful moment to God for not letting me lose control and really hurt someone.


– Construction on the log cabin is slowly coming along. All the flooring is down but we still lack heat… So, here’s to hoping that before the snow comes everything will be back to normal.  And if not, I would now like to request blankets from EVERYONE.


– I’ve decided to put my EMT studying into overdrive and will be using pretty much every spare moment to prepare for that test.


– Getting pumped for Thanksgiving next week! Time for eggnog and pumpkin pie and a whole lot of family time! =D

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson