Roadying, Storm Prep, & Downton Abbey

No lie, this week has been NUTS!  I’ve finally scheduled my study times so that I have three hours almost every day put down in writing for studying Chemistry, Biology, Photography, and EMT stuff.  Every day…  And next week I go back to part-time substitute teaching WHILE rebuilding the old website, reprioritizing my goals to make more time for friends, and figuring out how to live a healthier lifestyle.  To say it in simple terms, I think I’m just going to sacrifice sleeping altogether…  Uh huh… I think that’ll do it!


But as for what I’ve done this week… well, this week I…

  1. I’m now officially a groupy of my pal Justin’s band, THE BAND NAME.  They played this past week at SOME PLACE.
  2. EGGNOG PEOPLE!  This probably should have been #1 on this list but I didn’t think about it!  I got my first quart of the season and can’t wait till this weekend when I’m allowed to buy another [I had to put a 1 quart limit on myself last year…]
  3. I have a new wedding outfit… or half of one… I have the pants and the shirt.  Now I’m just looking for a new tie [the one I was using was a little wide at the bottom], nicer shoes, and a jacket that matches.  I’m going to look pretty sleek though when it’s all done.
  4. I make my bed every day now.
  5. OH!  On that note, I moved into a log cabin recently with my good friend Nature Josh!
  6. I ordered SPARKLERS so that I can learn how to master those really cool long exposure shots I see.
  7. As mentioned earlier I’ve come up with a good daily schedule for myself… and I just realized that I didn’t schedule eating anywhere into it…
  8. Is anyone else having trouble getting their phones to install the new iPhone update…?  It still won’t do it.
  9. Watched Downton Abbey with my good friend Nature Josh.  =D
  10. How could I end this post without once again talking about eggnog?  It’s here people…  I’m sure next week I’ll write a full blog post about it… but you just can’t beat it my friends…  You just can’t beat it…  Goal #5: Learn to make my own eggnog.

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson