Dancing, Goodbyes, and EGGNOG

So I know I haven’t posted one of these things in a while.  I mean, I just recently got out of summer camp, and if you’ve worked one of those you’ll understand…  There is quite simply no time for a personal business while you’re working at a summer camp…  No time!  You might as well just put your professional life on hold.  And this is CERTAINLY not a bad thing.  I was in a position to do a WHOLE LOT OF GOOD with some kids.  Definitely worth it.  But it also meant my blog went down the tubes.


On that note, this week I’m going to give the HUGEST highlights from these past few months about what’s going on with me.



In the past three months I…


…went country line dancing at least six times.


…continued working towards my goal of becoming a Physician Assistant by beginning General Biology 1 and Chemistry 2.


…did something really funky to my ankle…  The staff went to the lake like we do most summers and I was sitting on the front of the tube on my knees with my feet under me.  Well, as any professional tuber knows, tubing is a very bouncy process.  FIne.  Not a big deal.  BUT, our driver was nuts.  So, we hit a wave and bounce HARD.  Which inevitably means I came down on my feet… HARD.  I don’t know exactly what popped but I FELT IT.  It’s been about two months now and it ALMOST feels 100% better.


…met yet another wave of summer camp staff.  We had a good run.


…said goodbye to the last time to a lot of the people I started summer camp with my first two summers.  This one is a little emotional for me, but this summer was my fifth round, and some of my coworkers had been there with me through all five summers.  Most summers you’ll end it and everyone asks each other, “So, you coming back next year?”  No one really has any idea what they’re doing, so they typically say something like, “Yeah, we’ll see.”  This year though… my generation of staff just collectively knew.  This was it for us.  Many of these people have for real shaped me into who I am.  When I entered the summer camp world as a rising Junior at Auburn University, I was just about as introverted as they come!  I loved people but I had NO ability to carry on a conversation with any of them!  These people though, they brought me out of my shell.  And for that alone I am eternally grateful to all of them.


…realized that eggnog is only ONE month away from hitting the shelves!


…rode horses a couple of times.  No big deal.  =]


…decided it was time to get more involved in my church.  This Sunday I’ll be attending a “young-adult” group to see how well I fit.  It should be fun to meet some new people!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson