Choosing the “Getting Ready” Room

Imagine with me.  You are SO ready to get ready for your wedding.  You’ve double checked with your makeup artist to make sure they know what time to arrive.  After calling three times, the hair people have reassured you that they understand exactly what you want your hair to look like, and although you’re still a little nervous about them, you’ve decided to trust ’em.  You even know what you’re going to eat for breakfast right before you start getting ready.  But there is one detail that some brides forget to think about.  You have all the “whats” planned for getting ready, but it’s SO easy to forget to plan the “where.”  The where?  Yes, the where.  To place this into perspective, the better you choose this location, the better your final images will come out for this portion of the day.  And who doesn’t want great images?!  So, here’s 3 tips to help you choose WHERE you want to get ready.


1. Find the room with the most natural light streaming in and you’ve probably found a winner.  I don’t know if God was thinking about us when he placed the sun up there, but he did a great job!  Bottom line, the less fluorescent lights you need to turn on, the ABSOLUTE better the images.  I could go into the intricacies of this, but just trust me.  It messes with the colors.  Therefore, do your photographer AND makeup artist a favor and choose a room with the biggest windows you can find.


2. Choosing a room that has a good color them.  White is always good.  Wood colors can also lend themselves to more of a rustic, natural feel.  And if possible, remember that you can always bring your own covering for the bed or pillows.


3. Rooms that have a lot of empty wall/floor space are best.  A cleaner room lends itself to cleaner images.  This also goes for the walls.  Non-patterend wall paper is far less distracting.  Further, in relation to YOUR clutter, have a specific place in the room designated for any water bottles/snacks/other random things.  This way your photographer can focus on creating magnificent images of you without having to crop out objects or step over purses.


And with that, just remember once again to enjoy ever second of your wedding!  Even getting ready can be fun if you have the right attitude about it.  Good luck on your big day!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson