6 Wedding Mini-Tips

It’s Wednesday people!  Get pumped for bridal tip bits!  When planning a wedding, there are quite a few things that can slip through the little cracks in the details. I mean, there are so many BIG THINGS to think about that the small stuff it tough! So, here are just five smaller things to make sure you’ve considered and done before you’ll be ready to walk down the aisle on your big day.




1. Comfortable shoes


On a wedding day, besides the photographers and wedding planners, the bride and groom are on their feet for almost the entire day.  Like, think on it…  From the time the ceremony starts, you will sit down… to eat… and to remove a garter… Besides that all sitting has to be planned.  So, don’t kill your feet!  At the very least bring super comfortable shoes to wear during the reception.




2. Include your groom in your thoughts


Although the Hollywood stereotype places us men as completely uncaring about how a wedding looks, there are some of us who really do care and want it to look awesome!  If you have one of those guys, find ways to include him.  If nothing else give him little jobs like picking what his groomsmen will wear or let him create the first draft of the DJ’s music list.  Now… if you don’t have one of these guys you can maybe ignore this…  Maybe the nicest thing you can do for YOUR groom is letting him NOT be involved in the planning.




3. Make sure that your wedding isn’t the same day as prom


Wedding almost always go behind schedule.  It’s a cosmic truth of the galaxy.  People can get to work on time.  Boxes will be delivered on time through Amazon.  Great dancing songs end before you want them to.  But weddings…  They like to run late.  Do yourself a favor WAY in advance and plan your wedding on a DIFFERENT weekend than Proms and Homecomings when hair salons get busy!  It’s so much more relaxed to start the day right.




4. Eat the morning of even if you you’re so nervous you can’t even feel that you’re hungry


On a wedding day, the bride and broom will each burn… a crazy amount of calories! Between running around taking pictures and the your body practically running on adrenaline ALL DAY, your body is about ready to shut down by the time the day is over. So, eating breakfast and lunch is essential in making sure you have the energy to ENJOY the full extent of your wedding day.




5. Make a list of EVERY activity that needs to get done within 48 hours of the wedding and write down who will be doing it


Now this doesn’t have to be your job! You have enough detail you’ve already planned. BUT, whoever is in charge of setting up, make sure they have a list of all the tasks that need to be done the last two days of your “single life.” This ensures that you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING the morning of. You can just get ready and leave the rest to… well… whoever is assigned on the list.




6. Get alone


And last, get alone with your new spouse sometime DURING the ceremony. Tell your photographer and planner where you’re going so they don’t freak out, but if you want to be alone, tell them not to bother you and just go kiss each other and hug and take a break from guests.

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson