2015 Favorites

In the past seven months I have taken somewhere around 50,000 photos!  And ya know what, I have enjoyed every moment of it!  So, I want to say thank you to all the people who have allowed me to photograph them this year.  Thank you for being SO great.  EVERY SINGLE PERSON.  I literally cannot wait to continue taking pictures of weddings and engagements and… well… everything!  So not a long post today.  But here are some of my favorites memories from this past year.  If nothing else, I hope it brings a smile to your world.  =]  I know they always do for me.


Grace and Josh.  Two EXTREMELY loving people that are going to make a massive impact on this world one day.  He wants to be a police officer and she wants to work for Disney.  Their relationship COULD be a Disney movie!  And if it ever cools down up here and snows, we already plan on taking some really adorable photos!











Kelsey and Skyler.  No, they are not actually married.  It was just part of a staged shoot for fun.  But they were excellent models and it turned out so well that I just HAD to post a few.

Skyler found a random napkin and pretended he reading his “first look” speech to Kelsey.  Unfortunately, he’s fluent in Spanish… so we have NO IDEA what he actually said to her.


A goofball to the core.









I think the inspiration for this photo began with, “Bryan.  Pretend you’re giving Skyler advice.”  I’m not sure how that ended with Skyler screaming…


Lauren and Ethan.  Keep scrolling down!  The wedding’s next!  But they are actually now married (SPOILER).  And they are two fantastic people that have been such a joy to work with.  I think the hardest part about being a photographer is knowing that I can’t keep up with EVERY couple I photograph, even though I love all of them.






If you zoom WAY in, you can actually see Ethan’s reflection in Lauren’s eye.



Danielle and Dalton.  I met Danielle a while ago, while working in a barn at Triple R Ranch in Virginia.  An incredibly strong girl, she and Dalton road away from their wedding a old blue truck that Dalton actually REBUILT HIMSELF.  And even though Dalton is definitely not a photo-taking fiend like Danielle, you just had to wait for him to look at her, and then it was easy to find a smile.













At this wedding I got some of my FAVORITE ring shots I’ve taken to date.




At my cousin Deborah’s wedding, she had the COOLEST cake.  It was about four feet tall and every single thing you see on this cake is edible!



Anna is one of my MANY Pate cousins and I had the privilege doing a small engagement shoot for them while we were together in Alabama for a DIFFERENT cousins wedding.  They are now actually married as of last week and are planning to become full-time missionaries soon once they raise the funds to do so.


It’s always fun having people “re-propose.”  Cause even though Andrew and Anna had already done this once for real, they were so happy to do it again that it was like it was the first time all over again.


The classic “smell the ear” pose


I have known Amanda for two years now and she is one of my absolute favorite people.  Extremely strong willed, her smile and laughter lights up EVERY room she enters.  Ben, likewise, when in Amanda’s presence also cannot contain himself.  Hopefully these two will get engaged soon so I can photograph that, too!




My first official photography event.  I cannot even believe how many photos I’ve taken since this day and how much I’ve learned about photography as a whole.  I am SO indebted to my good friend Samson for letting me come along with him to this event.



Though they have a long road ahead, I thoroughly enjoyed photographing the engagement of Nick and Bryanna!  I worked with them at Buffalo Wild Wings last year and they are one of the most dedicated couples I know!  When I saw that Nick was planning an engagement AT B-DUBS, I just HAD to bring my camera to photograph them.  It will be a while before these two get married but I’m excited they are moving in that direction.

Favorite-Wedding-Photos-95 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-96

As stated before, my cousin Anna just got married.  AND… well I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos when not involved in obligatory family parts of the wedding.  It was a BEAUTIFUL ceremony and Anna and Andrew are going to be a fantastic couple.  I don’t know many guys as disciplined and God-filled as Andrew.  And they are so extremely lucky to have found each other.

Favorite-Wedding-Photos-97 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-106 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-105 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-104 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-103 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-102 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-101 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-100 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-99 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-98

And as stated before, Lauren and Ethan got married!

Favorite-Wedding-Photos-92 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-91 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-90 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-89 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-88 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-87 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-86 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-85 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-84 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-83 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-82 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-81 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-80 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-79 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-78 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-77

This watch, given to Ethan for the wedding, is worth as much as one of my weekly paychecks…  It pays to get married.

Favorite-Wedding-Photos-76 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-75 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-74 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-73 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-72

I’ve told this story before on his but it’s one of my favorites.  Long story short, this is what happens when one groomsman buys pants with a broken button the night before a wedding and then upon realizing that the pants are broken give the pants to another groomsman who happens to be the brother of the bride to attempt but fail to fix the pants.  But he certainly gave welding a button back together a good try!


Favorite-Wedding-Photos-70 Favorite-Wedding-Photos-68Lastly, this year I had MANY people help me by allowing me to come to where they were to just take pictures of them!  And so I want to honor that my choosing my favorite photos from each of those portrait sessions.

Kelsey Butler, an incredible friend who has become somewhat a partner on my photography adventures.


Olivia, one of the most joyous, pure people I know. She will sadly be moving away from Chesapeake soon to pursue her dream to become a park ranger.  I’ll miss her dearly but she’s going to be GREAT.


A sunrise trip to the beach.  We’ve got Domo on the left and McKenna on the right.


Another friendly photographer.  Parthena is an elementary school teacher near me.  We enjoy humoring each other by taking each other’s pictures as much as possible.


There’s McKenna again!  Alaina, her, and I had a wonderful time one day taking pictures in a hay barn while other ranch people shot guns right outside.


Amanda’s creation.  We had a fun day with her residence hall in Kentucky when I went to visit her.  It’s time like these that I miss college.

Favorite-Photos-2015-Daniel-Jackson-Studios-Photography-Branding-26 Favorite-Photos-2015-Daniel-Jackson-Studios-Photography-Branding-28

Shanda and Kline.  WHAT A PAIR!  I worked with them at the ranch two summers ago and they are in my top ten most favoritest people to talk to about life.  Both are SO joyous and yet are both so deep!  They have each been through their fair share of life and have come out stronger than ever.  I am proud of where they are going in life and I’m overjoyed that God let me meet them.


Kirstie, another dear ranch friend.  =]  She teaches elementary school cheerleading and her girls are actually competing sometime soon in some big deal competition.


Kelsey was DETERMINED to get a shot of Kirstie from above.  It was actually quite an ordeal getting them both onto that ledge.


Laura.  My co-leader this past summer with our little support staff program.  She is currently pursuing a master degree in clinical psychology and will soon be out there in the working world for any of you people who need a little extra mental help.


NICOLE!  We did a sunrise shoot at her college and I will not lie, the photos are some of my favorites for the whole year!


My two lovely sisters, Abby and Elizabeth in Auburn University, where we all attended college.


Another sunrise.  McKenna and I had the CRAZY idea to get up just for fun to take photos…  Why on earth we did that I have no idea.




Another wonderful shot I got of my sisters during this Christmas holiday.


My friend Jillian and her two siblings.  A REALLY thoughtful present for their family, who apparently has NO pictures of them together.


The Butlers are a fantastic family who has allowed me to hang with them and learn SO MUCH from them in the past few months.  One day I hope I have a family as cool as theirs.


Nature Josh.  One of my main men in arms.  Another dude trying to figure out what on earth to do with a camera, he’s a force for good in this world.  One snake at a time.


And last but not least the Mizesko children.  I got to spend a summer with these two little rascals and it was an absolute honor!  I wish that they still lived around here but they are off in Florida. living the good sunny life!


And last, my favorite picture of me from this year.



So thank you again to ALL the people who made this year such a STUNNING success!  I could not have done it all without you.  Literally none of it!  And you’re the reason I love what I do.  So thanks.  I look forward to many weddings, engagements, and other random shinanigans to come. Have a fantastic new years everyone and you’ll be hearing from me soon with a really cool cause that I want  to start getting involved in again to make this world a better place for all of us.  So watch for that and talk to ya soon!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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    Absolutely stunning photos, Daniel. You have a real talent.