Ethan & Katherine | Huntsville, AL

When I think about Katherine and Ethan, my first thought is the word genuine. They are a pair of completely confident people who love and compliment each other so incredibly well. All throughout our sunrise at Bridgestreet in Huntsville, they unashamedly laughed together, and there was a lot for them to laugh about (Hopefully you can’t tell from the pictures, but Ethan DEFINITELY had a giant white spot on his jacket from a previously worn boutonniere.). Each truly believes that the other has their absolute best interest at heart, and based on that, they feel completely comfortable letting their true selves shine through. It was inspiring to watch, and I am overwhelmingly proud to call them a djscouple. As they continue to prep for their wedding, I pray most of all that they will never lose sight of the passion for each other and for the Lord that I so appreciatively got to witness. They’re a blessing to the world, and if they continue this path they are on, they are going to have an amazing marriage.


Ethan. Katherine. Thank you for working with me. I hope that one day we run into each other again, and I wish you all the best. Never stop loving and fighting for the beautiful relationship you share. You are a literal light, and the world needs more couples like you.


Me: “Katherine. I want you to grab Ethan’s tie and pull him into you for a kiss.”

Us laughing at Katherin’s incredibly delicate tie pulling.

Katherine preparing to jump on Ethan’s back

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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