Elizabeth & Matthew | Auburn, AL

Before I get hired for a wedding, I always spend at least an hour just getting to know my couples. There’s one question I have recently asked every time: “What flavor would you say best describes your relationship?” Elizabeth and Matthew’s response: Asian Zing. To those who don’t know, this is a staple Buffalo Wild Wings flavor packing a large amount of sweet with a little bit of a kick in the background, and after running around Auburn Alabama’s Kiesel Park with these two, I feel that it really does expertly personify the love they share. They are definitely a mixture of calm, savory-sweet mixed with a little bit of “zing.”

As for the day itself, we could not have planned it better. Literally, we decided to do their engagement images about two hours before we met up, and it was a wonderful decision! The warm, fall leaves mixed with a cloudless, November sunset made it possible for a spectacular session. It really was simply perfect! And although they didn’t know how to do a swing dance dip when we met, they most definitely do now (coined by Elizabeth as “the dip pic”)!

These two will be getting married next October, and it’s going to be a great wedding with a fantastically amazing couple!

“The Dip Pic.”

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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