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Unfazed by the frigid circumstances of our first photography adventure with Delmon and his lovely girlfriend Hailey, once again Delmon and I attempted to take some brisk wintery photos. And well… once again it was WAY below freezing and we didn’t last long! It’s understandably VERY difficult to take pictures when you can’t feel your pointer finger enough to click the shutter button.

So why did we choose such a breezy, frost-bitten day to create these images? Why did we not do it sooner? Say, in October or even Novermber! Well, for that information you’d have to listen to a VERY short story:

For months and months Daniel had tried to solicit Delmon’s attention. “Delmon. My friend, why will you not take your senior photographs? It would make your mother very happy.”

“Oh Daniel!” he would exclaim, “Stop pestering me about such silly things. We will do them in due time I ASSURE you. But for now, leave me be to do manly things like not taking pictures.”

On any on they went, neither yielding to the wishes of the other until one day, Daniel and Delmon both found themselves at a feast. Though the occasion is lost in memory, both happened to be in the presence of Delmon’s family, the Royal Family of the Ranch. Delmon’s mother, a particularly educated women, looked over to Delmon unannounced and asked a very simple question: “Delmon, why do we not have photographs of you? They were look mighty fine upon the mantle.”

I was instantly bestruck with controversy. On one hand, as his majesty’s chosen photographer, I knew it was my duty to divulge that her son merely didn’t wish to have her wishes done. However, on the other side, the prince and I had become very close friends throughout our bantering, and to give up his actions would be a supreme act of treachery. So, looking stuffing the warm feelings down deep, I told the queen everything.

This act of treachery turned out to actually be a very fine feet! Looking over at her lad, the queen began listing off all the tortures she would inflict upon him if indeed he did not do her bidding. “Prince Delmon. You either allow this man to photograph you, or choose your punishment. We can lock you in the dungeon, take away your electronic communication device, or deprive you from seeing your fair maden!”

Though I’d hoped for swift action, these punishments were quite extensive! First off, their house didn’t have a dungeon and so this option was inevitably to create quite a ruckus. Second, Delmon and I are apart of a warring nation, and to deprive him of his ability to fight by taking away his electronic device would damage the strength and resolve of our men. And third, to take away his ability to talk to Hailey, the fair and radiant maiden, would not only cause him great harm, but would likely ensure panic amongst the two now joining nations.

Begrudgingly and to the relief of all present, Delmon chose to do photographs and chose the day. It just so happens however that this day fell upon the coldest day of the winter up to that point. But alas, the task is done. The pictures are created and it is finished.

And that ends our tale for today. Below are the images we managed to capture in between breaks to run inside the Office to warm our fingers.  In all, this is culmination of fifteen minutes of work and I think it went quite well.









And a bonus image of Delmon all attached to be transported after his spinal injury.  We’re ALMOST done with EMT-B school!


To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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