Delmon & Hailey | Triple R Ranch

Today I would like to introduce you to two of my favorite people! Delmon and Hailey. I can actually remember the first time I saw them talk to each other. It was near the end of summer camp. While I was near the back of the ranch with Delmon, we had gotten out of his truck to do SOMETHING and I witnessed it happen. Delmon and I were just chillaxing, talking about how I found some really cheap Xbox Ones but I wasn’t going to buy one. Then, out came Haley to load her car and I swear you could have FELT “the look.” Know what I’m talking about? The cutesy flirtsy look. I don’t know how but maybe it was something in the way she smiled. Oh if only I could remember! But I know he made some kind of super corny joke and she LOVED it! Actually… I think that I may have said the joke… Either way, they are a “them” now and a few weeks ago before the snowpocalypse, we were all three hanging at Delmon’s house playing cards. And for some crazy reason, even though it was somewhere close to twenty-three degrees, we decided it was a GREAT idea to take outside couple photos.

I’m not sure what this is… but I think Haley is showing us her belly button…




You are looking at photos of two REAL troopers. Even though I offered TWICE for us to just do it another time, they REFUSED to go inside. And we lasted a WHOLE EIGHT MINUTES! So here is the culmination of our ten minute photo session in the midst of the FRIGID cold!

By the way, notice how Delmon isn’t wearing a jacket… I would say that it’s his fault but he definitely inquired to me as to what he should wear.

Now this was just downright adorable. =]






To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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