Hammocking, Breaking Chargers, & the Circus

Dear Daniel’s Diary,

This week I gave myself a Spring Break and quite simply spent a good bit of time relaxing around the ranch, spending a great deal of time with my new photography apprentice, Davis. And once again, I cannot believe all that happened…


1. My Week’s Munchie
I learned to make pizza sandwiches! SUCH a simple concept but still fantastic. Take what you know about making a grilled cheese sandwiches and add pepperoni and marinara sauce… AND THAT’S IT! Mix ’em together and you sir have one of the tastiest treats ever devised by mankind!


2. One More Book
I don’t know how I got on this reading stint, but ya’ know how I’ve been reading “7 Habits of Highly Effective People?” Well, if you didn’t know that… now you do. But this week I got a new book in the mail that I’m super excited about reading! It was recommended by Amy and Jordan Demos on their blog and just after having read the first few pages, I’m pumped to get to know what’s in there. But it’s called “The Millionaire Mind” by Thomas J. Stanley. You should look into it!


3. A New Friend
I got a new hammock in the mail! My wonderful sister bought me one a few years ago and I LOVED it… but while working at a summer camp this past year it vanished… Whether it was due to subterfuge or just my own negligence, I still can’t say. But this week I took a big step after searching for it one last time and ordered a new one off the Wish app.
UPDATE: My hammock was found. Apparently one of my coworkers has had it for this past year in his home. A trade has been arranged to retrieve my misplaced items.


4. Comfort Camping.

Every month there are a few of the Triple R Ranch¬†people out here who go camping. I don’t even know why we started this tradition but it’s still going strong and yesterday we went “comfort camping.” Meaning, instead of roughing it like we normally do, we decided to go as extreme as possible camping in as much comfort as possible. The nights festivities were entirely pleasant! We began with a run to Taco Bell to secure dinner followed by a couple hours of Nazi Zombies and Halo: Reach. Then, a quick game of HORSE with a couple basketballs and a trashcan. And finally, we all piled into our eight person tent for a VERY restful evening.
Downside: I forgot to bring a sleeping bag and spent the first two hours trying in vane to sleep on the ground.
Upside: Since going home would have been too much work [which would violate the rules of the evening], I slept on a couch inside.


5. Trouble in Techtown

My Macbook charger broke this week… and if you don’t know, those things COST. So, I have jerririgged it! And I must say, it is a good piece of work! I just can’t even move the charger while its plugged in or it lets off a VERY tiny little spark where the wire was slightly cut… Anyone know a better solution that won’t cost me $80?


6. It hasn’t happened yet so I can’t talk about it but tonight I’m going to a circus! WHAT?!


7. Tomorrow kicks off wedding season 2016! Get pumped! ¬†And though I love traveling, my first wedding of the year is happening right here in Chesapeake, Virginia so I don’t even have to travel very far!


Not as eventful as last week but still a great one for sure! You guys can be watching for next week when I have more wedding material to put out there!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Enjoy every moment!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson