Danny & Hannah | Huntsville, AL

When you work with a couple like Danny and Hannah, you are forced to notice a few things.

  1. There are some truly phenomenal couples out there that really do know how to love well.
  2. Couples with a high “Snuggle Factor” make the cutest images. [What’s the snuggle factor? Read that post HERE.]
  3. Once you find the person you love, it is worth everything to stick it out until the end.

From the moment we began taking actually taking pictures, I knew that these two were something special. In a typical session, there is this phenomenon I like to call “The Awkward 20,” where it takes new couples about twenty minutes to warm up to kissing and snuggling in the middle of a public place. It’s just not something people usually do! It happens with all photographers with almost every couple. But with these two… Even as I was showing them my posing system, they were already giggling, doing things before I even asked, and all around just having a blast! Running around a park surrounded by other people didn’t even phase them. It’s like their relationship is set on snuggle, and they literally had no inhibitions about other people knowing that. Further, there wasn’t a solid minute without laughter the entire time we were together.

In fact, it was so hard to get Hannah to hold a straight face, I think we only have two images of her face without a smile! These two are quite literally the poster couple for being in love. They share a friendship that burns so much deeper than any sort of superficial attraction. They are best friends, and these images only barely do them justice!

Hannah. Danny. Thanks for working with me. You are a spectacular couple that really does exemplify what it means to love like Christ. I know photographers say this a lot, but it truly was a privilege to work with you two. I hope that one day when I’m engaged I’m as comfortable snuggling my future wife as you to so naturally are. I pray you’ll have many more videogame-queso-couch-dates, and I look forward to your future marriage. If you guys ever need anything, give me a holler.

It’s probably the most Snuggle Factor I’ve ever seen!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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