Whistling, Drove into a Deer, & Ip Man 2

This week. . .


I filled in potholes, demolished palettes, built a bridge, drove a tractor, attached the tractor to a hay wagon, and performed a variety of other maintenance tasks around the ranch.


I substitute in an I.S.S. classroom and discovered that this is the PERFECT job for someone who has thousands of photos to edit.


I bought a D750 Full Frame Nikon Digital Camera with a VR 24-120 Full Frame Lens! What?! It’s probably not as impressive as I’m trying to make it sound but I love it!


It hasn’t happened yet but today I am DETERMINED to unpack my stuff [I’ve been back at the ranch for almost two weeks and my car is still a mess. . .]


Achieved whistling the highest note in the National Anthem [I’ve been working on this for a while]


Started re-reading “7 Habits of Highly Successful People” by Stephen R. Covey [and still recommend it to ANYONE who wants to do ANYTHING]


I hit a deer. . . This I’m not excited about but it did happen. I was driving home after talking with a future DJaxBride [which is exciting] and the deer just popped up out of nowhere! I couldn’t possibly have avoided it. The memory is really kind of surreal. When I hit her it was like punching jello. She just bounced off my car, rolling about ten feet and then popped back up and ran off! I felt great about this [as it seemed the deer was fine and my car isn’t exactly equipped to haul a deer anywhere]. But, when I got back to the ranch Nature Josh lovingly informed me that this happens all the time and the deer probably died a few minutes later in the woods. . .


I began working on a posing guide to hand out for free to newer photographers.


I watched Ip Man 2, a FANTASTIC martial arts movie!


I just kept on being me.

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson