Saving Lives, Startin’ Camp, & Sleeping Deep

The more I write these end of the week posts, the more amazed I get at just how much happens in my life! I think if everyone did this weekly they be amazed that they ever had the opportunity to be bored!


1. On Sunday I placed my phone on the car to fiddle with my camera… and it fell seven feet and shattered… but I found a REALLY good repair shop and $75 later it’s fixed!


2. Met some incredible new staff who will be working at Triple R Ranch with me this summer [side note: we still need guys who love kids and Jesus! So if you know anyone send him our way]


3. Played some with my D750. . . and. . . wow. . . That thing can take pictures in pitch black and no joke I can almost make it look like the sun is shining! This camera is incredible!


4. I am almost done being trained to be a lifeguard! =P Something I never thought I would do. But hey! Life throws you opportunities and you can either take ’em or… well… not! But the ranch had a spot that needed to be filled and I took it! My resumé is going to be diverse by the time I actually get a real job. . .


5. I went to $1 at night at this Hispanic restaurant in Chesapeake. ONE DOLLAR TACOS! And they were SO FILLING! I had three and I really could have stopped eating there. They were SO FILLING! Unfortunately I ordered six… and ate all of them… I’m not going to be eating for about another week I think to give my body to work through all this.


6. Pre-Camp at Triple R has kicked in! Around 50 staff with one mission: to make Jesus known to over 1,000 kids in 9 weeks time. Prayer would be much appreciated on this one!


7. My shoulders are QUITE crispy from spending two hours in the sun without any sunscreen on…


8. Swimming is hard…

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson