3 Weeks of Craziness

Oh goodness these past few weeks… Today I am sitting in Starbucks and it hit me that I have done a TON recently. All in the month of May I. . .


Photographed 3 weddings [with another one tomorrow]

Tried the white chocolate mocha espresso at Starbucks [not bad]

Moved out of where I was living into a cabin [getting ready for summer camp!!!]

Got a new camera strap and it has a cool little camera on it!

Debated my life direction again [What else is new?]

Purchased some new black shoes

Worked with the very joyful and kind Kasey Kleigh

Drove to Alabama with two friends and then drove BACK up to Virginia with a completely different friend

Found some new sweaters on sale at Kholes just in time for the summer season

Picked up puppeteering again [I brought my puppet to camp with me!]

I got SnapChat… and I still don’t know why….

Hung out with my family!

Completed my first graduation photo session… and then my second… and then my third.

Rededicated myself to living a healthy lifestyle of NOT working way late at night every single day!

Drove around town and analyzed a good few of the internet speeds to decide where I want to spend my working hours [So far Starbucks is winning as my new office]


And I know I’ve missed stuff but GOSH just writing that out has me exhausted all over again!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson