Daniel & Jennifer | Richmond, VA

In every field, there is a list of cliché questions that always get asked. To artists: “What is your favorite thing to draw?” To doctors: “How many lives have you saved?” To dancers: “When did you first start dancing?” Almost like clockwork, each job comes with its own set. Recently, I’ve been asked quite often what my favorite images are… Or, more specifically, where is the “coolest place I’ve taken pictures.” To be honest that question has always kind of confused me. Sunsets are incredibly majestic, and I love the incredibly rich, friendly light they give off. Beautiful scenery is a definite plus! And even some interesting scenic elements like storms, snow, and even fog can be cool at times. But… before any of those things though, I am always drawn to a blank. I don’t really have a favorite place that I’ve photographed because at the end of a session, it really just comes down to the couple I’m working with. I just need two people that TRULY want to love and support each other, and if I have that, I will love the location.

This weekend I met with another such couple. I’ve known Daniel since my very young days playing recreational league soccer back in Madison, Alabama. I can’t remember a lot from those days [besides the time Daniel accidentally hit me right in the head with a pretty big rock], but Daniel was quite sincerely always one of those guys who we all knew would go off to do amazing things. And Jennifer is definitely the kind of girl who will help him get there.

Together, Daniel and Jenn are as adorable as they are intelligent. Both graduating from Mississippi State with Masters in Computer Engineering, they now live in Washington DC, where Daniel programs deep-sea submarines while Jenn works in cyber terrorism [She doesn’t ACTUALLY do that but I like to pretend she does]. Bottom line, these two are smart cookies that make up an incredible couple!

Although it will be a little while before we see each other again, I am extremely excited to again work with you both soon. Daniel, you were always an incredibly gifted guy, and it’s so undeniably obvious that Jenn is a great match to your intelligence! You were both wonderful to work with, and I am excited to see how your final images will turn out in a few months. So get excited, and keep snuggling! After our time together, you should be pretty used to doing that in public. ;D

daniel-jackson-studithe os-virginia-alabama-wedding-engagement-photographer-maymont-park-richmond-garden-26.jpg
daniel-jackson-studios-virginia-alabama-wedding-engagement-photographer-maymont-park-richmond-garden-23.jpgOn a personal note, I am proud to say that I have no officially photographed a waterfall engagement [Thanks again you two!]


To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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