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About a week and a half ago, I had the pleasure of working with one of my ranch friends, Charity. A TRULY joyful person, Charity currently is closer to a year from graduating college! A lover of people and a bringer of sunshine! Charity is a wonderful person.


It was another cloudy day (which is good for me ’cause I need the practice for cloudy days). And I was a little tired! But it was still a blast!


Nature Josh (you’ll see a picture) came with me because… well you see… Josh is an interesting guy. DISCLAIMER: Josh if you read this I want you to know that I respect you to a tremendous amount! But he’s interesting… On the average day, you can probably find him tromping through the woods searching for bugs or trying to catch a falcon. Or maybe if he’s feeling especially social you’ll find him sitting by himself reading a book.


Yes, I realize that doesn’t make sense. But that is Josh. He is a wise, introverted, extremely hard-working man and a week ago he came with me to take pictures of Charity. Of course, while taking these photos, he spent more time taking pictures of trees and birds than Charity but that is to be expected from Josh. I wasn’t very much surprised by that.

OKAY! Now you have the back story of Josh. I just bring him up because you’ll see him in my photos. You might ALSO have seen him in the fake wedding I shot a month ago.


So here are the photos!  I have been working on them today while sitting in Chick-Fil-A.




Charity-1 Charity-40 Charity-39 Charity-38 Charity-37 Charity-36 Charity-35

Our good friend nature Josh blending in with the environment.

Charity-34 Charity-33 Charity-32 Charity-31 Charity-30 Charity-29 Charity-28 Charity-27 Charity-26 Charity-25 Charity-24 Charity-23 Charity-22 Charity-21 Charity-20 Charity-19 Charity-18 Charity-17 Charity-16 Charity-15 Charity-14 Charity-13 Charity-12 Charity-11 Charity-10 Charity-9 Charity-8 Charity-7 Charity-6 Charity-5 Charity-4 Charity-3 Charity-2


To God be the glory,

daniel jackson


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