Daniel Jackson Studios 2.0!!!

It’s weird to think that it was LESS THAN A YEAR AGO that I built my very first version of my website. Now, I am happy to announce that the homepage for my new site is ready!!!


Why am I making a new website, you may be asking? Well… ’cause I’ve not discovered that it can be better. And so, I am officially rebranding myself. Then, the final question, why am I telling you about it? Because I WANT TO KNOW your thoughts.  What do you think about the new colors?  What about the fonts?  The menu bar?  [Side note though: If you click any of the links it will send you back to the old website.]


I will include the link to the page below. If you have any thoughts AT ALL, go ahead and shoot them to my email at “danieljacksonstudios@gmail.com”

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson