The List of Detail Essentials

I LOVE wedding details. Those little intricacies that brides METICULOUSLY plot out. Those tiny things that no one really would notice. Like a necklace made from the wedding ring of a great-grandmother, or a note given to the groom just moments before the ceremony begins, or the ring bearer’s pillow which was used last by the bride’s grandmother in her own wedding. These things matter to me, because they matter to the bride. She planned them and if she cared enough about them to include them in the wedding, then they should be included elsewhere.

But the question always becomes, how do I get pictures of ALL these things? There is so much to do and so little time to get it all done. Well… I am firm believer that if you can’t create a system for something… it WILL be forgotten. And there’s no way around this. At weddings where I’ve forgetten to bring my checklist, I forget things. And therefore, today I am beginning a series that I’m calling “Because it Matters to Her,” where I will be solidifying my timeline process and explaining how couples can help their photographers organize the day appropriately to get all the they dream of having.

It only makes sense to begin this series at the start of the day. When I FIRST arrive at a venue I have found that its works BEST if I can have an hour of uninterrupted time to work with a list of detail “get-ready” items before I have to start thinking about getting images of the bridal party getting ready. AN HOUR?! Yup! After all, creativity takes a long time, and the more time I have to be creative, the better these images will come out!

So how can you, the couple, help to make this happen? Below I have created a list of items you can make sure to have ready when your photographers arrive so that they can go RIGHT INTO photography, leaving more time for them to spend focusing on your laughter, tears, and memories. PLEASE feel free to copy this list and print it out for your own personal use. My goal here really is that from here on out I might be able to help EVERY couple start to remember their day BETTER, from the smallest detail to the first kiss. So here goes!


1. Rings
– Engagement
– Her Wedding
– His Wedding

2. Bride’s attire
– Shoes
– Wedding Dress
– Jewelry
– Necklaces
– Earrings
– Veil
– Bridal Bouquet
– Perfume

3. Groom’s attire
– Entire outfit
– Accessories
– Watch
– Socks
– Tie
– Tie Clip
– Cologne

4. Extra Stuff
– Invitation
– Save the Date
– Ceremony Program
– Bridesmaids’ Bouquets
– Bridesmaid Dress
– Boutonnieres
– Bridal Party Gifts



WOOH! Extensive, right? But if you can organize this from the beginning, imagine how much more time that would leave the photographer to focus on YOU?!

daniel-jackson-studios-bride-details-wedding-photography-photographer-engagement-1.jpg daniel-jackson-studios-bride-details-wedding-photography-photographer-3.jpg

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson