Andrew & Abbie | Auburn, AL

How to describe these two? To put it plainly, I unapologetically adore you them both! Throughout our adventure around Auburn and Opelika, the only time they weren’t smiling was when I asked them to kiss… and even this usually ended with one of them cracking up! Abbie and Andrew… Well… they LOVE each other and are so obviously, deeply in love in the way that will never fade over time.

Their relationship appears so much deeper than any sort of physical attraction or superficial characteristic. Seriously, for any guy reading this, take notes. You want to show a girl that you are dedicated to her? Follow Andrew’s example. Find ways to constantly care about her interests. For instance, Abbie, you loves kids. So, Andrew now spends time working with the children’s ministry at their church. Abbie, wants to open a pie shop one day. So, Andrew plans dates where they can tour the different pie shops around the country. Her dreams are his dreams. Her passions his. It seems as if at every turn, Andrew’s goal is quite simply to pour happiness into your life, and from the way you look at him, I’d say it’s working!

But it doesn’t even stop there! Even if I had known nothing about them prior to our time together, I would still be overflowing with praise for the wonderful way God has guided and constructed their relationship. Even when we’d been photographing them for almost two hours, they remained joyful! And when Abbie nestled into your arms, I could sense a tangible peace there. They were patient with each other when y’all disagreed over something trivial. They were kind, and self-controlled, always willing to listen when the other spoke. When I told Andrew to “tackle Abbie to the ground,” he did it with such gentleness, making sure to place an arm in between her and the ground, taking special care to keep the grass from messing up the purity of her white shirt. They’re both just… good! And In the years to come, I have no doubt they’ll be faithful to one another till the end.

To put it the best way I can think of at the moment, their relationship represents Jesus Christ well. They’d probably deny it, and of course no couple is perfect. Even still, I am humbled and inspired by their example. Abbie. Andrew. I am glad to have you both as friends, and I am excited to see the white dress to come. Your wedding is going to be amazing, because you are both amazing as individuals. Thank you for inviting me into your life. It has already impacted mine.

Daniel Jackson

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I caught Abbie peaking at me when she was supposed to be kissing Andrew. =D In typical Abbie fashion, she couldn’t help but burst out laughing.


Thank you again to the wonderful Auburn girls who were willing to take time away from their pizza picnic to help create this image! You’ll probably never get to see what you helped create, but if you do, know you have my fullest gratitude. The petals would have never happened without you.


The right image depicts Andrew’s childhood belief: “The more teeth you show, the happier of a person you are!” Abbie and Andrew are apparently two very happy people.

As this was Andrew’s FIRST TIME ever dipping a girl, I was VERY proud to teach him to do it properly.

“Seductively walk up to each other in slow motion. Now strike a pose like you’re in a Latin dance.” Their response: Perfection.


“Andrew. Tackle Abbie to the ground.” His response: “Well, now that it’s time I’m kind of nervous!”

daniel-jackson-studios-opelika-auburn-engagement-photographer-alabama-36.jpgdaniel-jackson-studios-opelika-auburn-engagement-photographer-alabama-33.jpg untitled-5.jpg

All in all, one of the best uses I’ve ever had for an Alabama afternoon with one of the most authentic couples I know. I know photographers say this a lot, but their wedding truly cannot come fast enough. This world could use more married couples a lot like them.


“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” [Galatians 5:22-23].

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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