A Photography Goal: A Waterfall Engagement

This is probably really strange but I sometimes catch myself day-dreaming about different places where I would LOVE to photograph engagements… Is that weird?  I mean, they aren’t crazy places!  It would be cool to take pictures in Paris, or on a volcano or the Moon or something like that, but those aren’t the places I find myself dreaming about…  Actually, my main places really aren’t even that nuts at all.  You see… I have a dream right now of photographing an engagement at a waterfall.  Doesn’t really matter which one.  Doesn’t even HAVE TO be Niagara Falls. =D But I can just see it…  Water cascading all around… The couple dancing in the shallows, kicking up water as they twirl.  Images of them taken through the mist the mist.  A shot of them on opposite sides of the water wall, staring at each other.  Him carrying her on his back through the cascade.  A shot focused on the ring at the top of the waterfall while they kiss below…


I’ve always been told that dreams are what spur us forward and that when we share our dreams, we take the first step in bringing them into fruition.  SO, there it is!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson