A Package of Very Small Big Deals

Whilst working on Chemistry last week [I’m taking an online class], a package landed next to me on the couch.  It was a wee thing, barely even able to call itself a parcel.  But out of curiosity I glanced upon it’s marking and noticed a peculiar sight.  There was my name, “Daniel Solomon Jackson,” typed and attached to this little box via clear packing tape.  A curious little brown box.  Maybe 2 inches by 8 inches by 3 inches.  Not much of a sight.  Yet, it was not light…


Tearing into the package, I found two little boxes on the inside…  After further excavating, I discovered THESE:


Look at them!  Notice the glossy sheen and the way that it says my name at the top.  Now notice once again how it says my name.  And not the bottom.  OH NO!  I am not a mere member of this budding business.  The top!  Right next to the picture of wedding rings.  My name, Daniel Jackson, is on a business card.  *brushes swag off shoulder*


In life there are things that are big deals, and then there are the things that really aren’t big deals to anyone else besides me.  Like that time I asked a cute girl on a date and she said yes!  Big deal to you?  Well… no.  But it was life altering in my world.  Or the time this year when I went to Walmart and eggnog was out EARLY!


This is most undoubtedly one of those things.


However, despite how ridiculous this may be, I am excited!  And if for some reason you get excited about this, too, I would LOVE to give you a FREE business card with MY NAME ON IT.  Within the next month these first edition collector’s cards will run out and a different pictures will occupy the place where they were!  And with that little bit of essential news, I really have nothing about them to say…


FUTURE NEWS: because multiple people have been asking, on Friday I will be releasing Part 2 of “My Experience with Women” [You can read the first one here]. I apologize to the anxious readers who were expecting me to release Part 2 this week.  I never realized how much people wanted to know about my life’s struggles!  So, FRIDAY!  I don’t know exactly what time but it will probably be around 3.


So good luck everyone surviving this year’s snow storm and I’ll talk to you soon.

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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