5 Simple Ways to Give Your Heart Away

As a wedding photographer, I get to meet with a good amount of couples! I’ve been able to talk with some GREAT guys. Men that not only love their women emotionally, but really go above and beyond at helping her feel appreciated. Even the way they talk about the girl they love just makes me SO HAPPY. They truly care in a way that tangibly causes her to fall more in love with him!

I know that this doesn’t come naturally to all guys, though! We don’t all that have sensitive gene that constantly comes up with new, sweet, creative ideas, and if history tells us anything about guys, we don’t usually like to do things we might not be good at. It’s much easier to simply say “I love you,” when hanging up the phone. So, I’m here to help a little today! With Valentine’s day mere hours away, here are a few ways that for the men out there to show their special someone that she’s important to them. Women, if you’d LIKE your guy to do more stuff like this… it is no longer difficult to have friends pass along things you can’t yourself!


Make a CD of her favorite music to play when you drive together.
If you ask what a girl what her favorite songs are, chances are she would LOVE to sit down and give you a five minute rundown. Write them down!!! Then, go on iTunes and purchase ten of them and a put them onto a CD. The next time you’re in the car together, put the CD in and wait for her to catch on.
Cost: $11
Time: 2 Hours


Set aside the time to write her a hand-written note about all the things you find attractive in her.
The words we use when we talk to people really do matter! Just yesterday I was talking with a friend who is at a crossroads with the way he uses words! All of his life he has used his words however he wanted, often hurting people all along the way… but then he met a girl. He called me after he let one of his old jokes slip, and then got a text later from her asking why he would say something so hurtful? He called me the next morning ready to change the way he talks.
Our words matter, and can be used as a force of SO MUCH GOOD. Sit down for an hour and just write down every single thing you love about the girl in your life. From the way she does her hair when you go dancing to the way she’s always striving so hard to reach her goals. Write it all down on a nice piece of letter paper, put it in an envelope, and place it on the front seat of her car.
Cost: $4
Time: 1.5 Hours


Create a treasure hunt through her house.
One day when you’re over at her house, find creative places that you could hide things. To name a few: on top of the fridge, under the silverware, inside her pillow case, behind a picture frame, etc. Create a trail of clues, leading from one place to another. To lead her to a clue behind a picture frame you could say something like… “Remember that time we went ice skating and I busted my butt… I can picture it now.” As she goes from clue to clue, you can literally lead her down memory lane of all the fun times you’ve had! At the end, place a rose and an invitation to go on a date with you, only offering a few words as a clue to where you might be going.
Cost: $5 for tape and paper
Time: 2 Hours


Find a goal she has and help her take one step towards achieving it.
Yes, I know that EVERYONE isn’t building a business or working on learning a language, but everyone has goals! Even if it’s learning to cook spaghetti, or reading a book, or finishing a show, EVERYONE has goals! The question is: What can you do to identify one of those goals and then help you take a step towards achieving it? She wants to make spaghetti? Buy all the ingredients and have them ready to make with her the next time you’re together. She wants to finish a book but can’t find the time? Offer to cook her dinner and clean it up under the condition that she goes and reads during that time. Wants to finish a show? Well… I’m sure you can probably help with that one pretty easily!
Cost: Depends
Time: Depends


Be there and just listen when she talks.
Cost: $0
Time: As long as it takes.


Now, I know that here I am specifically talking to guys here. But, women can do this stuff, too! I can tell you that as a dude, if a girl took an hour to write down ALL the things she appreciated about me, I would probably spend the rest of the afternoon just bragging about how awesome she is!

It all comes down to effort. Effort in our words, our time, and our actions. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to show each other you care. You just need a little bit of creativity!


To God be the glory,

daniel jackson

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